Over the centuries there have been many stories told about Immortals, those that live forever. Countless stories tell the tales of Vampires and Lycans. Maybe because they had a certain air of mystery to them; something that was hiding in the dark, frightening yet intriguing nonetheless.  As time passed by Vampires and Lycans became simply folklore but in reality we exist. Vampirism… Lycanthropy… it is all real, more real than you can ever imagine. I write this not for any reason in particular nor with the intention of revealing the contents which I am about to ink on this parchment. I write this for the simple fact that I, Countess Tasha Helcaraxe, Empress and Strain 0 of the Vampires wish to tell a tale that has never before been told, to tell the truth of us immortals known as Vampires and Lycans.

It all began in the 4th Century. A remote village that knew nothing but peace was soon distraught when an unknown lethal virus crept it’s way into the lives of those whom resided there. In a span of merely three days the virus completely wiped out the village, though there were two remaining survivors. Those two remaining survivors were my husband, Lhinovanion Helcaraxe, and I. Why we were the only ones to survive is still a mystery. Maybe this was our destiny. Maybe it was something within our blood. Nonetheless we survived and in turn created two distinct breed of immortals. The virus that swept across our village became known as the Strain virus. This Strain virus that we contracted though it did not kill us, it quickly morphed and molded into our blood. When it fully awakened within our bodies, we mutated and transformed beyond comprehension. We became faster, stronger, sharper, in all aspects we were better than before. Though we contained the same virus within our bloodstreams the differences in our blood triggered a similar but yet completely different transformation.

The Strain virus transformed me into the first of the Vampires, while my husband transformed into the first of the Lycanthropes. We became biologically immortal transgenics. Lhinovanion was warm blooded and his appearance was indistinguishable from a mortal while I was cold to the touch and had subtle differences from mortals. I had paler skin, irises the color of blood red, elongated canines, and a forked tongue. Along with these gifts came a price I was now a Hemovore and could no longer survive on food, I gained an immense thirst that could only be satiated with blood. Lhinovanion gained the power to transform his shape into one that resembled a wolf. His gift also came with a price, he was now a Carnivore, he needed to sate his hunger with flesh and raw meat though he was able to sustain himself on the food of the mortals for a short time.

The Vampire and Lycan Strain caused biological changes in us and endowed us with heightened senses and greatly increased physical abilities. I came to possess superhuman physical powers, including strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, durability and accelerated healing. Lhinovanion possessed superb physical resilience and remarkable regenerative abilities. He also gained enhanced senses of smell, hearing and sight that were superior. In his transformed state he became stronger than in human form and also had access to powerful jaws and razor-sharp fangs and claws. While in this transformed state he became driven only by bloodlust and lost much of the intelligence and rationality he possessed while in his human form. I too was also able to change my appearance but my ability was limited to my skin becoming more pale and white, my fanged canines and lateral incisors extending and being more pronounced from the mouth, and the sharp claws protruding from my fingers. I was able to make this transformation at will. This transformation greatly enhanced my abilities in a similar way to my husband’s transformation.

Along with all these enhanced capabilities, we also gained the ability to spread the Strain Virus through our bite. Though many mortals did not survive the bite, those that did joined the ranks of the immortals, becoming Vampires or Lycanthropes depending on the one that bit them. Those that came to descend directly of our blood were Purebloods and Purebreds. They were the closest in power to Lhinovanion and I and were royals who later became known as Blood Elders and Lycan Elders, the only Purebloods and Purebreds in existence. Furthermore Vampires and Lycans gained the power to create Thralls, mortal servants. Thralls were those mortals that knew of our existence and were entranced by our powers and our desires. Thralls became directly linked with the Vampire or the Lycan that they served and also gained great powers such as longer lifespans, greater blood regeneration, abilities to sense the immortals, and protection from the bites of any other Vampire or Lycan, only the Vampire or Lycan which they pledged themselves to could take a sip of their blood or a taste of their flesh. They served and still do serve a great purpose to both our species. They are the cornerstone of our immortal lives.

Over the centuries that passed since we became immortals my husband and I slowly drifted apart. It was not as if we hated each other at the time but more so that we were now so different and levitated more towards our own kind as our species grew in numbers. By the 6th Century we had completely separated and only mingled within our own species but we lived a very peaceful co-existence. The more we grew in numbers the stronger the wedge between us grew as well. Shortly after the turn of the 8th century was when it all turned for the worst. The Lycans slaughtered their prey for meat and flesh while we drank just enough from each mortal to keep our food supply high. With this clash a hatred began to surface between our two species. At first it did not cause much trouble but as the food supply dwindled in the area we had lived for so many centuries, the hatred grew even more. The final event that triggered a full scale war between the Vampires and Lycans happened in the year 825 when a Lycan fed off of the flesh and meat of a vampire almost bringing them to the brink of death. The war that followed this event was brutal and devastating for both sides. The only ones that remained of both our species were my husband and I and the Purebloods and Purebreds that we had created thus far. We decided that it was for the best to end the war before all was lost and we went our separate ways. Hatred for the other species was forever etched in our hearts for the lose we both suffered was far too great and not so easy to forget.

We rebuilt our numbers and expanded greatly across the world. We remained in the shadows for we knew the truth would only cause fear and hatred towards us from the mortals. Those feelings were to be expected, for they were our prey, and accepting that reality would be hard for anyone. As we grew, our hierarchies solidified, our numbers strengthened, the hatred for the events of the past lingered and as the centuries passed the hatred took on a life of its own. Wars and strife between the Vampires and the Lycans became a common occurrence. We reached a point of no return, the hatred became so embedded in our immortal existence that we no longer had any control or reason for it, we simply hated one another and there was no turning back from that fact. A small ray of hope shined through some of the Covens and Packs which formed alliances between themselves but that however had no effect on the overarching foundation which both species stood. We would never find peace with one another, we could never go back to how things were before the first Great War. We were and still are immortal enemies. As my quill strokes across this parchment I can say these words with complete certainty, my husband and I will forever lead separate lives. Vampires and Lycans will be enemies for all eternity, what little ray of hope flickers within the distance as small alliances form and break it can never fix what was broken so many centuries ago.

At the off chance this parchment were to fall in the hands of a mortal, I wonder what would you say? Would you call our hatred and wars meaningless? Would you fear us? Or would you search through the shadows with the tiny glimmer of hope that you may join our ranks, be it Vampire or Lycan? Would you think so boldly of yourself that you could be the one that sparks a domino effect of change across our species to make peace? Whatever your answers may be, just know that we are everywhere, we may roam within the shadows for our own comfort but we also walk plainly within the daylight, for this is our Afterlife.