UPDATE: Thralls now also fill Thirst/Hunger!

We decided we wanted to re-work Thralls a bit. From now on Thralls will give you Health AND fill Thirst/Hunger when you feed from them. Happy munching!
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

UPDATE: Main HUD v1.2.0b

There is a new HUD update to v 1.2.0b. Your old HUDs will be disabled. You will automatically be sent the new version simply accept it or you may go to the Afterlife SIM to get the new version. We changed the weapons and the shield mechanics, along with some minor back-end changes. Read the attached NC for more info.
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

● New Features:
► Weapon Attacks
- The weapon cool-down now occurs after the attack.
- Simply click the weapon to attack then you will have to wait for the cool-down before you can attack again (the reverse of what it was before)
- The click and hold function of the weapons has been removed.
- Weapon cool-downs reduced to 3 seconds instead of 4 seconds.

► Shield
- You can now press and hold the Shield for up to 20 seconds to shield incoming damage.
- Shield Bash added which will do 75% - 100% (currently 100% and might be adjusted later) of the damage shielded as an attack to your target.
- Shield Bash will not occur if you do not have a target nor if your target is out of range.
- If you successfully Shield Bash your weapon will go into the 3 second cool-down.
- If you shield 3 or more attacks in one shield hold you will do a Shield Bash to whomever you are targeting so long as they are still within range.
- For example: I press and hold the shield and get attacked 3 or more times and shield those attacks once I release the shield the damage shielded will be dealt to my target if they are in the attack range.

ATTN: Weapon Changes + Bonuses

The following bonus changes have been made to the weapons since they are now on the same timer and have the same base damage:

- Daggers: Around double Frenzy/Rage Gain
- Katana: 30% chance to gain health
- Scythe: 50% chance to do Increased damage to Vampires
- Halberd: 50% chance to do Increased damage to Lycans
- Claws: Increased damage + 30% chance to gain health
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

NEW: Zeal Depositories Now for Sale!

We have released 3 sizes of Zeal Depositories for sale. You can purchase them on the Afterlife SIM. Make sure that you have the Main Afterlife Group activated “Eternal Conflict: Afterlife” to be able to use the vendors. You can set them to 3 different permissions: Owner only, Coven/Pack, or Bloodline access. Currently you will not lose Zeal when you die but that will be changed later on.
The sizes are as follows:
25, 75, and 200

The LM is attached,
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

ATTN: Safe Zone Applications Open!

You are now able to apply for an Afterlife Safe Zone via the Ticket System on the Afterlife Website. Go to Tickets > New Ticket > Select Safe Zone Application as the category. Make sure that you are online in SL and standing on the SIM you are requesting to be safe zoned when you are filling out the form and make sure it says the correct parcel and region name. Also, make sure you include what times you are available in SL in your ticket.
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

UPDATE: Main HUD v1.1.10b + Core Object Update + Winter Weapon Skins

We have released a soft update of the Main HUD to v1.1.10b. Your old HUDs will still work but we suggest that you get the newly updated HUD and test it. There is also a new version of the Core Object v1.0.5b your old ones will not work. The weapons also have a new Winter Skin on them.

- Removed weight from the weapon attack script.
- Re-worked the connections to try to bypass the http connection issues on some SIMs.
The Sators

UPDATE: Invulnerability Released!

We have released Invulnerability which will allow you to go into a state which will prevent you from being attacked/bitten and from being able to attack/bite.

► What is Invulnerability and how does it work?
- Invulnerability feeds from your Thirst/Hunger.
- When you become invulnerable you will lose 100% Thirst/Hunger within 4 hours.
- You can feed from Mortals while Invulnerable to fill up your Thirst/Hunger hence increasing the duration.
- Invulnerability takes 0.1 Zeal within an hour.
- Invulnerability takes 2 minutes to turn on after initiation.
- It will fail and won't turn on if you attack/bite or get attacked/bitten during 2 minutes of initiation period
- If you reach 0% Thirst/Hunger your Invulnerability will turn off.
- If you run out of Zeal which is shown on your scan your Invulnerability will turn off.

► How to activate Invulnerability:
1. Go to your HUD Settings Menu
2. Click the button that says "Invul:OFF"
3. It will tell you information on Invulnerability and ask you if you want to turn Invulnerability on. Click "Turn On"
4. It will take 2 minutes before you actually go invulnerable. If you attack/bite or get attacked/bitten during 2 minutes of initiation period it will not turn on.
5. Once the 2 minutes is up you will see an image showing "Invulnerable" at the bottom of your HUD.
6. At 100% Thirst/Hunger your Invulnerability will last for about 4 hours. If you want to be Invulnerable for a longer time and you have enough Zeal, you may feed ONLY on mortals while Invulnerable.

For any issues contact one of the Elders or submit a Support Ticket on the Afterlife Website.
Eternal Conflict: Afterlife
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxë

Happy Holidays from Eternal Conflict Event!

This Wednesday, December 19th from 11 AM SLT until 7 PM SLT we are proud to host a Holiday Party for all to attend. Come dressed in your holiday cheer for this social engagement with both Eternal Conflict Systems. There will be 3 dj's to cater to you with every style of music. Elders Zahney and Midori will be your hostesses. The SIM of the event will be safezoned in both systems.

SOFT UPDATE: Main HUD v1.1.9b

We have released a soft update of the Main HUD to v1.1.9b. Your old HUDs will still work but we suggest that you get the newly updated HUD and test it while fighting. You guys should switch to v1.1.9b and use it and test it out because more than likely the next update we do to the HUD will be a forced update which will disable all the previous versions.

- Fixed problem with the weapon attacks freezing and locking up when you spam the button.
- Changed the weapon attacks to press and hold, they still have the same timers as before for when the attack will trigger.
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

APPLICATIONS: Safezone Inspectors Office now open!

We are now accepting applications for the Safezone Inspectors Office. Read the attached NC in the Afterlife Main Group for detailed information about this office and for the application. All applications must be submitted to Sator Tasha (tashaelove) for review.
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe