Feor Roghnaithe


Elder: Cassandra-Lynne ℳ. Cristole™ (casandralynne.rae)
Sentinel: – Lewιe Cristole – (angeal.galtier)

Blood Traits

Celer Rage
Gain Rage at a slightly faster rate.

Satiated Cruor
Allows you to have a bigger appetite therefore increasing the limit of how much blood you can consume.

Adds a slight increase to the starting base experience of using Katanas.

Bloodline Rules

1. Respect and follow system Rules- Failure to do so will be removal from line

2. Address leaders properly with their titles. This shows respect and helps new players learn who their officers are.

3. No Drama, No crossing systems, Meaning if we are on the AL SIM or at any Afterlife event do not engage combat with other systems. This rule also applies while on our Home SIM

4. Use your chain of command>Mentor/Maker>Zeta>Beta>Alpha>Sentinel>Lycan Elder for issues. Otherwise do not be afraid to get to know your leaders

5. DO NOT CONTACT THE SATORS FOR ANYTHING. Anything that can not be handled by your mentor or pack officers should be brought to your elder.

6. Embracings should be formal whenever possible. , Elder, Alpha/Beta/Zeta must be invited to every turning, and should attend whenever possible.

7. Your Minions are YOUR responsibility. Be sure to train them, look after them, engage them regularly. Anyone caught “turning & burning” will have their lips sewn and lose turning rights. If they are restricted from turnings and they attempt a work-around, they will be removed from the line. We take mentoring very serious. You’ve been warned!

8. Respect each member of the Line at all times NO DRAMA !!! Personal issues arise from time to time, However, we are all adults and you should be able to keep things civil. Should an issue arise that requires mediation, go directly to your Alpha who will then bring it to the Elder. However, once it is brought to the officers, however we choose to handle it is final. So it is in your best interest to handle things in a civil manner on your own.

9. Thralls are NOT Slaves! Do not harass or get pushy OOCly with your pack or line thralls. You are to treat them with the same respect as you would anyone else. Ask for a bite, it is always up to them if they want to feed you. So bring cookies!!!

These rules can and will be amended as we learn and grow in the system !!


“It’s raining again.” Katya pouted as she watched the darkened clouds overhead through her window. The sky brightened in vibrant blue streaks as lightening rose across the heavens. The young girl, no more than 8 or 9 years of age, was never one to be kept in doors. Her thirst for adventure was in her blood. It rattled at her core and made an afternoon like today absolute torment. At the sound of her Eldra Modir entering the room she turns with an audible huff. “ Come on then child. Yer Da wants you inside where it’s safe, and dry. “ Her Nan said as she buzzed about the room, keeping busy with this and that. “ But why Eldra? It’s so boring indoors, and it’s not like I will get sick if i go out in the rain. We never get sick.. “ She quips, dropping to the floor at her Nan’s feet in a great miserable pile. “ We don’t question our Elders now do we?  Come, we’ll sit by the fire and I will tell you another tale.. “ The Eldra Modir panders to the young child. With an exasperated groan, while still lying on her back, Katya pushed herself along the bare wood floor toward the fireplace. While her Nan made herself comfortable in her favorite wooden chair. Paying no mind to the dramatics from the child.

This chair was worn deep with grooves of the many to use it before her. Though now, it fit her well, there was a time it belonged to another, and was worn to allow them to settle in. For this chair was given to the fróleikr hiroa or “ lore keeper”. She, like those before her,  were tasked with overseeing the royal family’s young, and recalling all the tales of their people and their rich history. Her stories were not just morals and fairy tales to delight children. But instead held all the knowledge of their ancestry.

“ Tell me of her, Nan. I want to hear the tale of our great Eldra Modir, Cassandra Feor.. “ Katya’s eyes lit up as she recalled the old tales. Of the leader of their line. The great Matriarch of her people, and the one before her to bring Cassandra into her power. “Pleeeease Na’an pleeeaaase.” She begged pitifully from the floor. The Eldra would only grin, looking down at the young one with only a touch of endearment reaching her eyes. “ Ah child, it is always this one with you. Always of our strongest women. “ With a shrug, and shake of her moppy hair. She would lean back into her chair and find the familiarity of it a comfort. “ Very well.. But after this we must move on to others. There are many and you must hear more before you may join the others in their great hunts…” With a delighted gasp. Katya would rise to her knees and perch herself against her Eldra’s leg.

“ Yes Na’an. “ ..

It was many many years ago. During the age of many Gods. Before automotives and technology shrunk the world. When respect, honor and loyalty were the way for all men, poor or rich, noble or common, to earn your place on this earth and the realms beyond.  Though there were few who sought for more than their share of this life. Many only found their way to an early, pointless and dishonorable grave. Though on rare nights, when the wind was still and the moon bright. On those nights, legends, as they say, were born into being..

One such legend was that of a Viking King. This King was known for finding, and training some of the most deadly men of their time. Warriors with unparalleled skill and unwavering loyalty, conquered much of what is now known as the United Kingdom and many of the surrounding islands..Eldra Feor Cassandra would one day join those ranks and be one of the first and only shieldmaiden to rise to rank of Stallari, the King’s right hand. It is said she is the very reason for the many victories of the King’s men. Though she earned the respect of her men and King, there were many stories surrounding her climb to power. Some tales even claimed that in times of battle she would shed her clothing and consume the flesh of her enemies. But I digress. Let us begin, before this, when our Eldra Cassandra came to be as she is today.

In the early years of her life. Cassandra was the eldest of 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls. Born into a family of commoners. Her father’s lineage traced back centuries, working the same fields and raising the same livestock as the generations before them.  It was a simple life. As the eldest daughter, Cassandra spent most of her days tending to her siblings, catering to them and aiding their mother in all the daily obligations of a farmer’s wife.  This was the way of it, until her 15th year, when a traveling merchant offered a bit of coin in return for sanctuary on a cold autumn night.

Being a simple and poor man, her father quickly accepted without considering the dangers he put his daughters in. During the night, the strange man paid a visit to their eldest daughter. One that would intime reveal itself with the growth in Cassandra’s belly. The bastard infant, a son, born in spring, sadly did not survive. But the rumors of the tainted daughter would become common knowledge to everyone in the village. Cursing her to live the life of a valueless woman. Never to marry.

Her father, perhaps out of guilt for not protecting his eldest, from that spring forward began to treat his daughter the same as her brothers. She was taught how to read and write, ( to the best a poor farmer could teach ) as well as how to wield a spear and ride horse.  For the next five years Cassandra joined her father and brothers on hunts. Setting traps, running down and spearing her prey were things she excelled at, and she learned to lose herself in each hunt.

Each season she would leave behind her now cursed life, and lose herself in the forest. As she grew older, many a time did she fantasize about leaving the farm, never to return. She would dream of living off the land in recluse far from the horrors of her past. While she struggled inwardly to make peace with her past, it was her youngest sibling, Lyri, who held her to her family and the life she was now destined to live.

Perhaps it was the passing of her own child, or perhaps it was being the only other girl. Cassandra felt the overwhelming need to protect her, always.. As Lyri grew into a young woman. Cassandra’s reign over her would tighten, following her everywhere. Keeping her close and out of harm’s way. They became inseparable ( whether Lyri liked it or not ). She would never let her baby sister fall prey to the travesties she had experienced. Lyri would grow up good and pure. Cassandra would see to it that she married well, and lived the happily ever after she herself would never possess..

During the year Cassandra was to turn twenty-nine. More and more news of the Viking raids would reach their village. Many of the villagers spoke of the need to leave, to move further east and avoid being slaughtered by these heathens. However some, like Cassandra’s father, felt a need to remain. Perhaps it was for fear of dying hungry and penniless away from home. Or perhaps it was sheer stubbornness. But the choice to remain had set in motion the eternal fate of both sisters, and bring death to her

parents and brothers..

One spring, on the eve of the anniversary of what would have been her child’s birthday. Cassandra, in her need to lose herself, would pack her things, and wander into the woods. The spring always brought new life to the farm, as the livestock gave birth to the next generation. But with it, so came the wolves to pick off the young ones and drag them away for an easy supper.

Rumors from neighboring farms spoke of truly aggressive beasts this year. Some losing  much of their livestock in a single night.. Cassandra was not about to let her family lose everything they had. And while her brothers were now capable men in their own right. Her skill in trapping surpassed theirs even in her first year..

As she made her way into the woods. She would be struck by the utter stillness of the night. While the moon cast down a bright, silver light upon the forest, there was utter silence. It was as if a great storm were on the horizon. Yet there was not a single cloud in the sky. For a while she wandered, with no real tracks or signs of the pack anywhere, all she could do was keep moving. Until finally, out of nowhere, a bellowing howl would echo around her. The wolves were coming..  

Quickly she set a trap, climbed the nearest tree, and waited.. The howls growing louder. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest as the sound seemed to reverberate within her core. This was not the usual howls from the wild dogs of years past. This sound was deeper, and somehow more… primal. As Cassandra peered out over the horizon she would begin to notice what she first took to be fireflies twinkling in the brush. But soon it would become clear. Those were  torches in the distance! The raiders were headed straight for her village!

Suddenly, as if the forest had awoke all at once. Hundreds of hidden birds took flight. The forest floor was suddenly filled with animals, running in unison. Like some great wave across the ocean.. The surprise startled Cassandra, causing her to lose her footing and plummet to the ground below. The wind knocked from her lungs, as the animals trampled her. Leaving her a heap of meat and broken bones. She tried to find a way to deter any more creatures from trampling her further, or worse. She crawled on her belly until she reached the base of the tree and, with what little strength she could muster, pulled herself up and turned to lean against the bark. Only to come face to face with the snout of a great beast, breathing down at her in long hot odorous breaths.

Frozen in shock. Terror ran down her spine in a cold jolt. All she could do was watch as the Beast lowered its snout to her stomach, running its tongue over her soft abdomen. She lay there, broken, eyes wide and voice lost to fear. As the beast began to eat her, one bite after the next, it’s razor sharp teeth tearing into her middle like a suckling pig. As the blood drained from her,  her eyes closed and she fell into darkness.

The sound of the morning lark woke her. Her eyes fluttering open as she finds herself lying on her back, clothing torn and covered in a thick black viscous liquid. Blood! The memory of what should have been her death flashes her back to her senses. Climbing to her feet her arms go to her stomach. It was there, intact, not even a scratch. Confused, cold, and hungry. She would begin the trek home, having forgotten the sighting before she fell. Her mind spun and wavered over what must have been a nightmare of some kind..

As she stumbled into the fields of her family’s farm. What lay before her would rock her to her core. The bodies of many, animals and men, were scattered all over. Smoldering fires still bellowed deftly in the distance nearer to the village. “ The Raiders! “ She cried , running to her home.

Busting through the now broken doorway, she finds everyone, still there and alive. Cassandra would fall at her sister’s feet, and pull her in tight. “ Had anything happened to you..” she sobbed.. Before once again falling into the void of darkness, passing out at her family’s feet..

When she finally woke again, she found she was ravenously hungry. Over a hot meal, she learned that the raiders did indeed come, and stole many of the villagers, slaughtering most of the others. Their family only surviving as they’d managed to hide in a hidden cellar below their home. It had not been one night, but many that Cassandra was gone, they had assumed her for dead. They also spoke of the wolves, which were now returning in the night to feast on the bodies that had yet to be collected.

Over the next few weeks Cassandra helped restore her family’s land and aided the village as best she could. Their numbers had dwindled greatly. But it seemed the raiders had moved on. Cassandra found her hunger had increased greatly, and would often sneak food in the night or barter meals from villagers to help sate this new need to eat.

Each night, while the rest of her kin slept. She would hear the howls, softly in the distance. With the memory of the great beast, she should be frightened by the sound. But instead. The howls seemed to call her now. As if it were her name that was sung across the forest, over the fields, for her ears alone..

Until one night, as the Moon reached it’s peak, full and bright. The howls grew so loud they deafened her. All she could do was hear that howl.. The blood in her veins began to boil and her sight went red..

On this night, Cassandra would turn into the beast whose virus now ran through her blood. The rage within taking over. Unable to control herself as she shifted into some great, dark-furred wolven devil. Somewhere inside herself she was there, she could see. She watched her new form slaughter her kin in their sleep. Only one of her brothers were able to fight back, stabbing her ribs with a spear before falling to her blind fury..

The following morning as she woke in a pile of meat and blood that was the remains of her family. The guilt, sorrow and fear overtook her. In a blind panic she ran deep into the woods. Until she came to a clearing, standing at the edge of a great precipice.  Without hesitation she would throw herself over. Plummeting to the rocky cavern below..

Hours later, once again she awoke, still alive. Her screaming of agony and self loathing echoing throughout the land. Until her cries turned into a familiar sound. The song of sorrow, her howl. Again she would shift as night came, and this time, something inside her would pull her to find her maker. Her howls bellowing out in calling for him. Her new kin, her new father. She would join him, and learn from him. Always holding such hatred deep inside, but unable to end herself. She would become the most fierce of his children.

Her Maker enjoyed the carnage of war, and so was part of the great viking raids. In time Cassandra would learn to wield viking weapons, mastering them. Her new life giving her strength and speed even beyond that of a man. Beneath her skill and prowess, was always that deep unending hunger. It burned and stirred with her hatred and self loathing. Churning into something dark. Even while in human form, she would often devour pieces of her enemies in battle, to the shock of her brethren. Though none would challenge her. Should her heated gaze fall on any man, it would send a shudder straight to their core..

For many years she continued to indulge herself in battle upon battle. Returning with the Viking king to his people, leaving her maker to venture out on her own. It is with these heathens she received her name name, Feor . It meant insatiable in their tongue. And in time she would build a reputation for not only hunger for war, or food, but for sex as well. She was a dark hungry devil. But always kept in good favor with her King.

Many years pass before she would return to her Maker. For they were bound for eternity. A tight mental string which he only need pluck to bring all his children to him. Upon her return to his side, she would join in a war between the wolf beast and the leeches, the vampires.. As they met on the battlefield, to her shock and horror. Her baby sister, who she thought she had murdered along with the rest of their family, would stand beside the vampire leader, the Countess. Indeed Lyri was the spitting image of the Countess.. Caught between her duty to her maker, her own guilt, the love for her only sister, and her dislike of the leeches. The battle would rage on for years. There were many casualties, on both sides..

One day, as they met, for the what was to be the last  time. Her Maker and the Countess would form a soft treaty, to go their separate ways and end the war. But the battle would always be there, under the skin, waiting.. Today we still fight, for territory, for honor. We build our numbers and train well to take and protect what is ours. Awaiting the day our Maker calls us to the final Battle.. Cassandra Feor awaits the day she will meet her sister for the last time, where they both may die a good death in battle together. So she may release her sister from her cursed life, and be reunited with their family in Valhalla..