Turmoil of Rebellion


Elder: Lυcιαη Ʋαуηє ƁƖαcквυяη™ (coors1977)
Sentinel: Tαη Κєrєş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (tantrickama)

Blood Traits

Sustained Rage
You will lose Rage at a slower rate.

Satiated Cruor
Allows you to have a bigger appetite therefore increasing the limit of how much blood you can consume.

Adds a slight increase to the starting base experience of using Katanas.

Bloodline Rules

1. New Lycans. After the initial launch of the WORKING Eternal Conflict:Afterlife system; there will be a 3 Day Recruit rule implemented. This simply means that before any member can join a pack; he or she must “pledge” so to speak for 3 days. In the 3 days they are to be voice verified by the Head leaders (Tαη Κєrєş Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (Tantrickama) / Lυcιαη Ʋαуηє ƁƖαcквυяη™ (Coors1977). Within this 3 day period it is the makers job to ensure that the new member has a good starting knowledge of the system and what it entails. They will also need to learn the rules of the line within these 3 days. By doing this; the new member will learn if we are a good fit for them as well as we learn if they are a good fit for us. We will learn their online activeness and if They will be the perfection addition to our Packs. They are to come to designated Pack Land to meet their fellow Lycans as well. Any questions about this rule will need to be directed to your Alpha.

2. Communication. Communication is the most valuable asset we have at our disposal. Whether it be for events or in worst case scenario; an issue. We as adults and members of the ToR line are all expected to communicate well. Not just within our own pack; but the neighboring pack(s) as well; especially if it is a possible issue involving a lycan from another pack. When it comes to events, we need to work together to ensure complete and total success. This means working with other Pack Leaders, Sentinel and even our Elder if the case calls for it. Nothing bad can come from keeping a good line of communication between the groups. So always….and I do mean always….involve all necessary parties. In the event of an inter-pack issue; you are to first go to the Alpha of the neighboring pack. The leaders are in place for a good reason. Each and every single leader is entrusted by Elder Lυcιαη Ʋαуηє ƁƖαcквυяη™ (Coors1977). If your fellow Alpha is not aware of an impending issue; then how can he/she correctly resolve it. By doing this you will stop unnecessary work and possible aggravation from falling to the lap of Elder Lυcιαη Ʋαуηє ƁƖαcквυяη™ (Coors1977). So remember, COMMUNICATION IS KEY! ADD YOUR BRETHREN LEADERS!

3. Magic/Griefer/Crasher Huds. Let this be known now and up front. Anyone found to be using huds to crash members of the system in attempts to win a fight will immediately be banned from the line. We have a code of ethics we wish to see all of our Lycans uphold. If a member is found guilty (tangible proof provided against them) then said member will be removed and banned from not only the Pack but the line as well. We as a line need to be seen with the utmost respect. Remember; Elders are the head of the lines, Sentinels the overseers, Alphas the individual pack leader and you….well you are the face. When you go out with your prospective tag above your head you at that very moment represent something bigger then yourself. You will NOT use huds that are unbecoming to a respectable member. All infractions are to be reported (WITH PROOF) to your immediate leader be it a Zeta, Beta or your Alpha. Lets all work together and ensure a safe, fun and friendly system prevails even in the midst of the chaos of battle.

4. Fighting on Turmoil of Rebellion. There is to be no fighting in ANY system while on the Turmoil of Rebellion land. However, fights may happen if both parties agree to the fight. If someone attacks another without the others consent there will be a punishment.

5. Feeding. All Lycans in Turmoil of Rebellion must feed everyday or every other day. If you die you are given three days to get revived. After three days if you are not revived you will get removed from the group and the line, if you wish to come back we will happy  to add you back to the group and line. If you plan to be away for rl for an extended amount of time get in touch with a leader so arrangements can be made.

6. Chain Of Command. Following the Chain of Command is key to the line, chain is as follows, Mentor > Den Leader > Alpha (Pack Leader) > Elder.

if you have any problems or questions you may contact your mentor 1st they are their to help you if that fails then any other member of the pack as we are a family, if you have a problem with your mentor then you can bring it up with your Den Leader or Alpha and if it needs to be bought before the Elder then your Alpha will bring it to them, If and only If there is a problem between your Alpha and you then you can bring it directly to your Elder but this must be very important to do so.

7. Training. As a mentor you have chosen to turn your Cub or adopt your Thrall so it is your responsibility to train your cub/thrall, If you need help then please ask as family is here to stick together and our pack is our family we are here to help each other but it is primarily your task to do what is needed to train the cubs/thralls under you.

8. No contacting the Sators EVER. There is under no circumstances whatsoever reason for you to contact a Sator directly if you have a problem follow the chain of command, If it is technical issues then visit the main website at (website added here) and file a ticket, Do Not and I repeat DO NOT! contact the Sators directly in im for any reasons.

9. No turn and burning of members under you. If you are going to bring them into the system you are to train them and mentor them we as a pack/clan don’t need untrained pups running around trying to figure out the system. This is your job we are here to help you and guide but not do your job


As I reflect on my existence in this world, some of my life experiences are more vivid than others. I remember being a young boy in the seventh century born to a young slave girl named Rose in a small village outside of now what is called Moscow .

My father William, had many wifes through out his life but to me that was a normal. At about my eighth year, I begun to be incorrigible and refusing to feed my fathers live stock but instead playing with my friends within the village. He beat me until an inch of my mortal life in which after my mother nursed me back to heath I was determined to rescue my mother and I from my father’s uncontrollable anger. The beating continued as I got older.

On my seventeenth year my mother and I fled the village with nothing but the clothes to cover our bodies.
We ran for hours, then days, then weeks my mother and I would stay in small villages for a few days at a time to rest and gather supplies for journey to our new life. I was around twenty-fifth year when mother and I ended up in Venice, Italy. Mother and I worked the docks for many different fisherman captains for a couple of years.
I was working the docks one afternoon when I heard screaming and yelling from a woman. As I looked in the direction of the commotion and realized it was my mother being dragged by her hair by my father. In a instinct I pulled my dagger from my boot and ran straight at them. My father seeing this, before I could reach them, he took out his dagger and slit my mother’s throat. A never ending rage came over me like a fire burning within my veins. Now running faster towards my father with a leaping jump I flew through the air stabbing him in the throat lodging my dagger deep in his neck. I shoved the poor bastard to the side and held my sicken mother in my shaking arms. I remember yelling for help but no one came.

She looked at me and said in a whisper “You are free now my son let me go in peace.” As she took her last few breaths of air I kissed her on the forehead. As my father struggled with trying to decide whether to take my dagger from his throat. I said to him “See you in hell” and I pulled my dagger from his throat and made the decision for him. I stood over him as he took his last breath. I picked my mothers body up and carried lifeless form to a hill over looking the sea. I buried her under her favorite tree where she would sit and look at the sea.

Days later I found myself wanting to leave Venice. I went to a local stable and bought a horse and then began my journey to a place the fisherman would talk about often which is London. I traveled days and nights stopping in small villages and cites, all the while I had a feeling a was being watched. I paid no attention really. As I stopped in small villages and cities I would find the local tavern and drink until my heart was content. Finally I had made it to a Calais, France where I stowed away on a large ship heading to England. Once the ship set sail I had the same feeling overcome me as I was being watched. On the first night on the ship I was attacked by two of my father’s friends. They had seen me kill my father in Venice but were not able to catch up to me until I got to Calais. As I fought them I was stabbed in the face and stomach. They thought they had killed me so they threw me over board my blood running into the Strait of Dover I hoped for a quick death. As the waves pushed me farther out to sea I drifted in and out of consciousness. I do not recall the next few days or weeks but I woke up with a being standing over me on a beach.

With the bit of strength I had left I spoke to the being where am I? He continued to look at me with no reply. I said “Am I dead”? The being smiled at me and said “No” in a low tone. I asked “Who are you?” He continued to look at me. “Who are you?” I stated! He said his name is Lord Lhinovanion Helcaraxe as I went to say my name to him. He stated “Mortal I don’t care what your name is.” I reached for my dagger that was still in my boot and with a slashing motion, I just missed cutting his leg. He grabbed my wrist with a power I had never felt before and he shook the dagger from my hand. With his other hand he grabbed me by the neck and lifted me off the ground about six meters. He was choking the life from me while I was trying to gasp for air, but not getting any. He looked at me and said “Do you want to live or die?.” I then kicked him in stomach. He laughed and stated “Puny mortal” then threw me about ten meters to the ground. He walked over to me and said “You get to live.” He picked me up from the ground with his right hand, opening his mouth, and revealing a set of rather large teeth. He bit down into my neck. I felt an instant sensation of power start to grow inside of me, my blood was being over taken by him, he looked at me and said “You will make a fine addition.” I passed out from the pain .

What I assume was a few hours maybe days, I found myself strapped into a device lowering me into a vat of blood by Lord Lhinovanion. I tried to break free by kicking my legs and swinging my arms but he had me secured tight. As he lowered me closer to the blood he said “Soon”. As my body sank into the cold blood I had a tingle sensation come over my entire body. As I lay at the bottom of the vat I started to feel the power of Lord Lhinovanion taking over my body. This took about thirty minutes. When the time was up he raised and freed me from the device. He walked me over to a corner and sat me on the floor of a room. I looked at him with blood soaked clothes and said “Where am I?” He smiled and said “My home.” I looked around and realized it was his castle with artwork plastered on each wall with a few windows. As the night grew older I had a change start to come over me with the full moon shining through the windows. I had a feeling of tremendous power growing inside of me. My hands and feet started to change shape into claws and paws. My ribs cracked and regrew stronger than they were. My face transformed with large canine teeth. My ears grew longer and became pointed on the top. The muscles in my entire body grew ten times their previous size. My blood covered clothes ripped and tore open. I stood up tilted my head back and ripped the clothes from my body with my vicious claws. I then let a roar echoing howl belt from my newly formed body. Lord Lhinovanion looked at me with pleasure, smiled, and said “It’s done”. He went on to say “You are now known as Coors Helcaraxe Blackburn and from this night forth you are reborn as one of my Lycanthrope Elders.” I belted an ear shattering howl.

Lord Lhinovanion left the room then reentered with my father’s friends that tried to kill me . He walked them to me. When they were close enough to me. Lord Lhinovanion said “Eat.” I swung my right arm crashing one of them into the wall and also knocking him out. With my left hand I grabbed the one that was still standing by his neck. I lifted him of the floor and ravaged him. My first taste of blood had an overwhelming taste to me as it ran down my throat.

I threw the lifeless body to the side I looked at the unconscious mortal and grabbed him by the neck and picked him like I did the one before him. I belted another earth shattering roar and proceeded to feast with my large blood covered canines. I threw the lifeless corpse to the floor next to his dead friend.
Lord Lhinovanion looked at me and said “Go…be free…make me proud..kill ALL these Vampires that exist.” I gave him a nod and left his castle.
I now roam the earth looking for these “Vampires” May They All Meet Their Demise!

Penned by Lycanthrope Elder Coors Helcaraxe Blackburn