Pulchra Mortuus Sanguinem


Elder: κλȘȘίε βєℓℓєʍσrṫ (rnielzen)
Primogen: Undecided

Blood Traits

Sustained Frenzy
You will lose Frenzy at a slower rate.

Satiated Cruor
Allows you to have a bigger appetite therefore increasing the limit of how much blood you can consume

Adds a slight increase to the starting base experience of using Katanas.

Bloodline Rules

1. Do not mix roles of other systems with any member of the bloodline. In our bloodline there are players from other systems that could be in an opposing side or be “enemies”, if there is any activity or event of our bloodline should not take advantage and attack an opponent of another system. In the same way, if there is an attack on another system in a place outside the bloodline and outside an event of the same, no complaints will be accepted. Keep your roles separate, A & D stays in A & D, Afterlife in Afterlife and so on with the other systems.

2. Do not participate in any type of cheating system (kill alters to raise reputation or appear in progress tables, use autoclikers etc…) or you will receive a penalty according to the fault.

3. Respect and comply with behavioral standards.

4. Be loyal to the Bloodline, to the Elder, Primogen, to the officers of each Coven and their members. Do not share information from our Bloodline.

5. Follow the chain of command for any doubt or clarification (Mentor, Palatine, Scion, Monarch, Primogen and Elder) Do not contact the creators directly, if necessary the Elder will do.

6. Whenever you are in a system activity or RP and within the official sims you must respect the titles of the officers game and refer to them regarding their rank Elder, Primogen, Monarch, Scion, Palatine, The Countess and the Warchief (The Sators) followed by their name. Example: Countess Tasha, Warchief Lhino, Elder Kassie etc…

7. Respect any player in the system, always follow appropriate behavior within the sims of the system and the bloodline, always comply with the rules of the groups of the system, never insult an opponent or follow the game of insults. They must keep the image of the bloodline always respectable and honorable.

8. All members of the bloodline must have at least 100% Perception

9. All members of the bloodline must have the group of the line and be announced when it is embraced, in this way they can be given access to the place of the line. Similarly, if a member is expelled, they must be informed and removed from the group.


– It is strictly forbidden to attack a member of the Bloodline for whatever reason, if this happens with evidence the attacker could be definitively expelled from it.

– If any member becomes a * CRIMINAL * by a deliberating action, they can be hunted and killed. If someone repeatedly repeats this behavior can be judged and expelled from the bloodline.

– Every personal relations or personal issues are not allowed on the group chat; As the same way, all kind of disrespect are not allowed too. If someone is having problems with another member, you must resolve for your own best way without making it as an internal bloodline´s problems.


I would have liked this story to be as beautiful as a sunrise on the beach next to the love of my life, with musical notes of angels and fairies, I would have liked to start this story in the manner of fairy tales “Once upon a time … “, But the reality is different. My story is not like any, it seems that my life from the beginning was cursed to see how everyone around me withers and dies. I will not say that I have suffered much throughout my life, or at least in the short life I had as a human, many others suffered more and have ceased to exist but when one lives for eternity many feelings and emotions disappear, perhaps that be the biggest punishment I have to pay. This is my story…

I was born in the year 360 in Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire; I was the daughter of Flavius ​​Claudius Julianus and his consort Helena, Emperors of Constantinople and belonging to the Constantinian Dynasty. My mother after having suffered several abortions, I was her last pregnancy with which she ended her life leaving me to care for the midwife. Only heir to the throne and with my father fighting in Gaul, the midwife hid me for fear that my father’s detractors would kill me and reported that my birth was complicated leaving my mother and me in holy sepulcher, so my father He never knew about my existence. I was taken care of by the family of the midwife who baptized me with the name of Kassie the “Pulchra Mortuus” in reference to the beautiful little girl who brought death with her birth; as faithful servants to my father, they raised me by their standards in favor of the ancient Roman religion and against the new Christian religion, legalized by my grandfather Constantino the Great several years ago.

My education based on the ancient Roman religion caused me many problems throughout my youth, the Christians went from being persecuted to being persecutors, around the year 385 with 25 years old, preached the ancient traditions while a group of Christians was They came violently throwing stones and carrying sticks to lynch all the “heathens”, some stayed to fight and others ran, the family that welcomed me and educated was beaten to death with sticks and stones, I ran … I ran as fast as I could and ride the first horse I saw, I had to flee from Constantinople to distant lands because my name was already known and persecuted; I passed cities and towns that had already been converted to the new religion and I was not welcome. One afternoon when I was once again fleeing from an angry crowd, I came to a remote and forgotten village where there did not seem to be a living soul; none of those who persecuted me tried to enter that village. The sun was about to hide on the horizon and I set out to find a shelter in that village, after walking in that place I saw that there were piles and pits of bodies, some burned at the stake and others still rotting, I could not imagine what had happened here ; It seemed as if an epidemic wiped out all the villagers. The sun had already gotten in and with it brought a thick fog, with every hut that I opened I found myself with more corpses, I could not find a shelter until I could see in the distance a silhouette approaching me slowly; I was very afraid of not knowing what I would find myself with, but I was slowly approaching …

Being a few meters away from that beautiful pale woman with penetrating eyes, she told me: “Few mortals come to this village, you are very daring to enter here, you should not be in this damn place.” I did not know what to answer, what did she mean by mortals?, before I could say a word she made me an handmade and said with a mocking tone: “Come, come with me, I can offer you at least a shelter warmer than the outside, but I do not think I’ll find food for you, but in the end, I think that will not matter! ” I followed this strange woman dubiously, I did not know whether to run or follow her, I think that if I had run I would not have done anything because I was already very tired, so I went with her to a small castle hidden in the forest on the outskirts of the village, she ordered me to light the fire in the fireplace so i could warm me up and she sat on the end of a table away from the fire where the shadows covered her. We talked a couple of hours, she introduced herself as Countess Tasha Helcaraxe, mentioned that at the beginning of the century something strange made the villagers sick and that only she and her husband Lhinovanion survived the plague but they were not the same as before, they had changed forever; I was thinking about what the countess said, “at the beginning of the century?”, she does not look at all like an 85-year-old lady … she must have been confused … but I did not give much importance to that detail so I assured her that the ancient Gods were angry about the new religion and that this was only the beginning of the punishment, she was not very sure of that …

It was almost midnight, I was very thirsty and hungry but I was so tired that I practically forgot and I started to look for me to lay down, the Countess brought me a blanket and said “rest and recover strength, you will need to survive” . I leaned close to the fireplace and almost immediately my eyes closed, I was asleep so deeply that the hours passed like seconds and suddenly I feel someone wake me up, the Countess was almost on top of me whispering in my ear while she uncovered my neck “I have the suspicion that you are not like most, I feel that you can survive and join us; I hope I’m not wrong “; wanting to make an effort to consciously understand what she said and keep my eyes open, I managed to see how 4 sharp and gleaming fangs protruded from his mouth, suddenly with a quick movement I felt like I was nailing them in the neck sucking the vitaee, try resist and fight but it was useless, her strength was like that of 10 bears and I launched a cry of anguish. When I thought it was my end, that beautiful and pale woman with sharp fangs suddenly disappeared, disappeared in just a blink of eyes leaving me on the floor, weak and bleeding. I do not know how many days I was in that castle room, my notion of time was null, I remember that the little sunlight that entered the room blinded me and I also remember that every time I felt sicker, I could not move, I had a feeling of chills but at the same time sweating, I felt dizzy, vomited and cried tears of blood suddenly everything was clouded in darkness …

When I woke up I felt relieved of the illness and my body did not hurt but I felt a huge urge to acquire something, I had no idea what it was, I was not hungry or thirsty, I was not anything I had felt before. I got up, I felt as they emerged from my new energies, I discovered how to move like lightning, how to borrow strength from the earth, how to acquire strength like a rock, my senses were sharpened, everything I saw, heard and felt was empowered; it was then that the Countess returned, now accompanied by someone else, in the end we were not so alone in this village. The Countess approached me almost dragging that dirty and ragged person, with a smile told me “I knew you could survive, I’m really glad that now you are one of us, come closer and take her vitaee to calm your cravings … you are not the same, you have changed forever. ” I approached slowly and almost instinctively I discovered her neck gently and I keyed my new fangs pronounced and sharp, I drank until satisfying those uncontrollable cravings, then the dirty and ragged woman fell dead in my arms.

For a few days I was explained what had happened, how we became what we are now, I was introduced to some who had also survived the disease, there were some who changed very differently from us, they taught me the arts of combat with weapons and they taught me to control my powers and instincts. The months passed, then the years … I came to have some offspring and it seemed that everything was perfect, for the sixth century there was an incident with the other species that caused the great war, we destroyed each other and all descendants perished, we only remained the direct descendants of the Countess Tasha and the Warchief Lhinovanion, was an episode that will never be forgotten and marked us forever. I think that after that we all separated and went our way, I arrived in Western Europe in the region of Gaul and I settled there for a long time, I changed my surname from Latin to the dialect spoken there and since then my last name is Bellemort. By the end of the tenth century I met a mortal who captivated me, I had not seen another mortal so beautiful, strong, tenacious and loyal in many years; However, she had suffered an accident and she fought for her life, so I decided it was time to start a new lineage and I gave her my most precious gift with the assurance that he would survive.

I educated my primogen with everything they had taught me, I taught her about the art of war, our history and that we should take care of our true identity to mortals and always be on the lookout for lycans. We travel together throughout Western Europe, decade after decade, we never settled in a fixed place. There were some encounters with lycans and vampires, some friendly, others not … but we always survive. The centuries passed and with the discovery of the new world the Middle Ages ended, we decided to travel there and we set sail from Spain to New Spain, we met the whole continent from north to south; we were amazed at the beauty of the new world and its cultures. When I found another mortal who fascinated me, I did not hesitate to convert him to one of us, so I started my new lineage and settled in the new world. Since then I recovered my crown, not that of a fallen empire but that of my own empire and this crown will last for all eternity.