Var Dohr


Elder: Łäžäŗ Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи  (lazar.blackburn)
Primogen: ŞṖσR Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи (sporharleyd)

Blood Traits

Venenum Resilience
Adds slight resistance to poison.

Satiated Cruor
Allows you to have a bigger appetite therefore increasing the limit of how much blood you can consume

Adds a slight increase to the starting base experience of using Twin Daggers

Bloodline Rules

1. You must follow the system rules for Afterlife. Violation of these rules will result in you being brought before the Blood elder of the line. To explain yourself you will also suffer the punishment handed out by the Countess.
These are the System rules.

The Afterlife Sim is a complete safezone, therefore you cannot be attacked there with any Eternal Conflict HUDs.

1. No fighting of any kind on the Afterlife Sim. This means no attacking of any kind with the Afterlife HUD or any other HUD games or Systems while on the Afterlife Sim.

2. Do not reveal to a mortal that you or anyone else is/was feeding from them, unless you are in the process to turn them. (Since they don’t know the details of the system it makes them think the system HUDs are harming their avatars when it is not.)

3. No formal complaints can be made for being attacked by another member with the Afterlife HUD.

2. Have Fun, if your not having fun then stop playing.

3. You must show respect to all Elders of AfterLife. While out fighting other players you are not allowed to get into their im’s and curse them out. I don’t want to hear of any of you attacking other players in their ims on a personal level. Remember you are all adults and I expect you to act like it. If you are getting mad to the point you want to open their ims hit the red x and log off for a little bit.
While in family groups you will show each other respect. We dont want to see drama in the groups. Remember you are truely family in here. You each carry my Strain and as such you are all brothers, sisters, aunts , uncles mothers and fathers. There will be times you dont get along and if its something you can work out go to your coven leadership.

4. It is strongly suggested that we fight one hud at a time meaning while fighting Afterlife dont use your A&D hud or PV hud or any other system you are in. If you are attacked by another system that you play in you are free to return the attack. However you are not free to start that other system attack.

5. When you embrace someone it is your responsibility to train them. The person being brought in must be able to dedicate at least 2 hours for training for the first day. Then over the next few weeks you will continue your training including meeting the line leadership. The coven leaders will hold each of you responsible for training As the Blood Elder will be holding them responsible.

6. This is a fighting system you will be fighting so no crying about any attacks that happen.

7. Turnings all applicants must fill out an application 5 days prior to being turned. The mentor will pass the prospective vampire the note card application. Then the prospect will fill it out and hand it back. At that time the mentor will pass it over to their leader who in turn will pass it to the coven leader. The reason for this is to make sure the person who you plan to bring in has a clear bases for choosing to join as a vampire. Once they have filled it out they have to wait at least 5 days before being turned. During that wait the mentor may begin to train them in the ways of the coven and the line.

These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice all changes will be translated and passed out to the line ASAP.


Well if you are reading this it means it must be day time. Consider yourself lucky you have made it to my office undetected and are reading over my autobiography. I feel I must warn you at this point you may not like what you read it will open your eyes to a dark reality that hides in the shadows of your existence. Now look around my office, do you see that cage in the corner notice how the lock is on the inside. I implore you to go lock yourself in it while you still can. If my servants find you it will be all over for you. They love to play with intruders by slowly ripping your body parts off.  Last chance to put this book back on my desk and flee.

This story starts back in my youth back in the seventh century. It was a normal childhood raised by a loving family. My Mother was a Pegan priestess who was enslaved by the Christians and forced to tend to the monastery. This is where she met my father a proud Norse raider. He held the title of Earl and commanded a small fleet of three long boats while raiding the southern coast of Wessex. On his first raid he took my mother and 20 or so other slaves back to his camp after ransacking the monastery. He had every intention to bring them back to his settlement in Norway and place them up for sale as was their practice. This is where the story takes an odd turn for instead of sailing back to Norway to his home and family he chose to settle around the conquered monastery. Some claim it was my mother the Pegan Priestess who cast them under her spell for it was not only my father who stayed but all but 6 of his men who he had sent back to Norway to bring more men and women back the next summer. They found everything they needed for the coming winter in Wessex the year was 793 AD and it was summer of the following year I was born in June. I was born the first son of 4 children to the Earl of the Wessex settlement. By the year 801 at the age of 7 I had begun my training to follow in my father’s footsteps. Life was easy maybe not in today’s terms but being of royal blood I had servants taking care of my every need. In the year 808 I was 14 heading out on raids with my father all along the coast of what was known as Frankia modern day France.

By 812 I was leading my own raiding parties at the age of 18 by 815 AD I had already covered an area from Denmark down into the Mediterranean my reputation grew with each raid. My name was known throughout the trading routes and lands of the Dark Ages. My fleet had grown to the size of 16 long ships or known by the Saxon’s as Dragon ships. My personal ship carried 100 warriors the other ships roughly 60 men to a ship. My army was now 1000 men strong we sailed wherever we wished nothing could stand up to our warriors. By now I was an Earl in charge of a large trading settlement along the coast of southern Spain. In the year of 819 I led a small expedition into Italy we traveled along the coast down past Sicily and around the boot up into the northern Mediterranean. We landed on the shores of the Byzantine empire. At this time, I was feeling unstoppable and over confident. I under estimated the enemy that stood before us. At first the raid was going as planned with little to no resistance we sacked the town and killed most of the fighting age men we had found. By night fall we were ready to celebrate what we thought was our victory. By the middle of the night most of my force around 220 men were drunk and passed out. It was at this time the Byzantines counter attacked with a force well over 1000 strong. We were forced back into the sea after I was struck down by an arrow. Narrowly escaping back into our boats with less than 20 men of my personal guard. We sailed to the closest point in Italy and set up a camp where I could rest and heal. Here I was at age 25 and up until this point my skill and ego carried my success. Now as I lay there close to death I thought for sure I would be on my way to Valhalla.  The Gods had other plans for me. As I lay there I see an image of my mother and she’s speaking to me just as if she was standing next to me. She whispers to me to remember the story she told me about as a child of the woman with the power to heal everyone. As fast as she appeared she was gone, I laid there trying to remember the details of the story and where my mother had told me the woman was from. It all came rushing back to me as if it had taken place yesterday not 20 years ago. I could see it as if I had been where the woman hailed from. Was it by chance I landed on the same shore from which she lived or was it Thor himself who guided our sails to this very spot. I awoke from my dream like state and immediately called for my fastest warriors. I gave them orders to seek out this woman and bring her to me but warned them to tread lightly for a lot who sought her out were never to return.

Three days past I was fading fast in and out of consciousness every time I would slip into the other realm I would have vivid visions of this woman I have never met. On the fourth day, I was awoken by my guards my men had returned with this magic woman. I was in such a delirious state by then I barley remember what she whispered into my ears as she bent down. Had I not been so close to death I may have never agreed to her promise. She ordered everyone out of the room my guards at first did not want to leave my side something gave them an uneasy feeling in her presence. With what little strength I had left I ordered them to clear the room. I dont remember the next part to well but I do recall the pain shooting through my body it felt like a thousand burning hot pokers racing through my veins then blackness. When I awoke I felt more alive than I had ever did before. My senses where all exploding, I could hear everything as if it was standing next to me. My men whispering outside my tent wondering if this dark mysterious woman was going to heal me or kill me. The men standing by our boat over 500 meters away talking about missing home. What was this, why did I feel so alive how come I could smell things so much more intensely. My vision was like that of an eagle as I slowly scanned the room I spotted her standing in the dark corner of the room in the shadows. Just watching me. The first thing that struck me was she looked just like I had seen in my vision’s long flowing blonde almost white hair, eyes of gold. Taller than most women I have seen but not taller then the tallest man in my village she stood about 16 hands high. Her skin was fair almost a soft pale similar to the light of the half-moon on a white flower. Thin but muscular like a warrior. Her Beauty was truly captivating. I felt like I had the energy to run all the way back to my settlement back in Spain. Every cell in my body was alive and bursting with energy as I was standing there I could see my skin rejuvenating I looked as if I was 17 again before the years of battle had taken a toll on my appearance. My mind was racing trying to figure out what was happening. There has never been a time in my life that I feared anyone or anything but standing here before this woman I could not bring myself to look her directly in the eyes.

As I stood there trying to grasp what was going on she walked out from the shadows of the room and came closer to me I noticed behind her trails a young woman dressed in rags looked to be her slave. I asked her as she approached what the hell did you do to me witch. She just chuckled and said “I only did what you asked me to do I brought you back from the gates of Valhalla. You are no longer dying but you are no longer alive.” How could this be after all I felt more alive than I had ever felt. I asked her what I should call her she told me I could call her Countess Tasha Helcaraxe. She then proceeded to tell me the story of how she got her powers and how she brought me back from the brink of death. I was in shock to say the least she explained to me how I was now infected by the strain and she wasn’t sure I would survive the infection since I was the first male to have made it through. The countess went on to tell me that I actually died and all the pain I had felt was my rebirth into what I am now. Some call us immortals while others call us vampires. The countess then brought fourth her slave she held out the girls arm and ran her pinky nail down the girls wrist slicing it wide open. As the blood started to flow from the girls wrist my mouth began to hurt the pain was coming from where two of my teeth grew into long k9 fangs. All of the sudden I could smell her blood and a huger grew within me over and the over powering sense of wanting to rip her to shreds. The countess slowly raised the girl’s arm up to my face

and told me to drink. It was not the first time that I have tasted the silky copper taste as the warm blood ran down my throat. I have eaten the hearts of many of the animals that I have killed and one or two of the enemies I have slayed. I never enjoyed eating a man’s heart but it proved to be an effective way at instilling fear in my enemies followers. This time however it was different I not only enjoyed it but my hunger grew for her blood to an uncontrollable thirst no matter how much I drank I couldn’t get enough. Before I knew it the girls lifeless body crumbled at my feet. As I looked up the Countess just smiled down at me and asked me how I enjoyed her gift. I thanked her but I wanted more I couldn’t satisfy my thirst. She warned me that I could not go outside into the sun to find more food. Also, that nothing but human or immortal blood would quench my thirst. That day was the longest day of my life what was only 7 hours of sunlight seemed like days. As I paced back and forth in the shadows of the room I was in I began to sweat my hunger grew with every minute that passed. I wasn’t thinking right I knew my men were outside and there was a small town close by. I waited until night fall then ran the 4 miles to the town it. The miles passed by like I was flying. Once there I went into the tavern the room was full around 20 towns folk gathered around the tables and bar. Without noticing I locked the door behind me as I entered then proceeded to slip into a trance when I awoke and looked around I was covered in blood and there was not a living soul around just slumped over bodies and some limbs lying around. My huger subsided for the time being. As I left to head back to camp I grabbed the torches off the walls and threw them behind the bar. Heading back to camp I glanced back to see the town in gulfed in flames. That was the first time I experienced my uncontrollable hunger and the blackout rage I would slip into. Over the years with the help of My mother the countess I have learned to control it. I call her my mother since I was reborn to her shedding my mortal life. I now only allow blackout hunger induced rage out when I face my arch enemy another immortal species known as Lycans part man part beast.  They are a worthy opponent the young ones have the strength of 10 men and just as swift as vampires. After all they came from the same virus. This new life was both a blessing and a curse I am a rich man now but at the same time a tortured soul forced to watch all those who I grew up with pass away with the sands of time. It has been hard to adjust to this new life but I have learned to embrace it. Over the course of my journeys I have traveled all of the world any time there was a war if you looked closely enough you would of seen me there. Where else could one go to dine on so many without ever raising suspicion. I have also found four others who I have shared my so called gift with all fierce warriors in their own right. They have gone on to pass the strain down to others who now I call family. They now live throughout the world in select covens. The rest of my story will have to wait as I am not done living it.