Amara Sanguis


Elder: ℒyrí Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Äмaяa Dαgøи (lyricaldesire)
Primogen: ℑυℓĭa Я Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Äмaяa Dαgøи (juliasalvatore19)

Blood Traits

Refined Palate
When feeding from a mortal with your preferred blood type more blood will be gained

Sustained Frenzy
You will lose Frenzy at a slower rate.

Adds a slight increase to the starting base experience of using Twin Daggers

Bloodline Rules

These are the rules of our family. They are made to protect you and our line. Failure to follow these rules would be a betrayal to our
Elder, The Monarchs and the whole family. Each Rule is just as important none less than the other. Please familiarize yourself with them as well as the rules of the main EC: Afterlife System. Soak them in. There is no “I didn’t know” allowed.

1. Thou shalt not Attack on the land holdings provided by our most gracious Blood Elder Lyri Amara Helcaraxe. (No attacks will be initiated on the specified Amara Sanguis/Demons of Hatred Sim. Absolutely none. What does this mean? It means you will not use your HUD, neither EC: A&D, nor Afterlife to attack ANYONE on the shared sim, regardless of species or circumstance. Doing so will result in punishment and possible banishment from the sim.

Pertaining to those who are part of the A&D System as well:

1. No cross-gaming retaliatory attacks. A&D and Afterlife are two separate entities. If you have a conflict in one game, you are not ALLOWED to use a HUD from another game to retaliate. We promise you, we WILL know if this happens, and you will be punished accordingly.
2. On the heels of rule #2, we will not accept non-cross gaming motivated complaints. We offer you this example: If a Vampire/Lycan within your Coven/Pack is a member of an opposing species on A&D, and chooses to attack you outside of our Bloodline Elder Lyri’s sim, it is within their right, as long as the attack is not in response to an Afterlife issue. The games are inherently separate. Act wisely.

Punishments for the above mentioned will be enacted as such:

* First offense: Warning
* Second Offense: 14 day ban from the land
* Third Offense: Semi-permanent ban, at the discretion of Blood Elder/Arch Lyri

2. Vampires, Thralls, Lycan….thou shalt all follow the Afterlife realm specific rules. We do not need to tell you what will happen if you disobey…

3. Thou shalt respectfully address all leaders in accordance with their titles. This is non-negotiable anymore. Wether on in-world chats or Discord channels, all titles will be made accordingly upon introduction. If our Blood Elder enters chat, you will immediately greet said Blood Elder, as Elder Lyri. This same rule applies to all Officers with titles. In-world the Sators are to be referred to as Countess Tasha and Warchief Lhino.

4. Thou shalt follow the Chain-of-Command. But what does this mean? This means that questions, comments, or concerns must start at your immediate Liege/Maker before making it’s way up the royal hierarchy. Do not immediately go to the a high ranking official before addressing concerns with your Liege/Sire. That is their privilege. Do not take that away.

5. Thou hast two options for your glorious turning If you are suspect…
* If you are a new player, you must voice verify.
* Otherwise, you must grace us with your presence for a total of two weeks, so our Blood Elder can decide whether you are fit for turning.

6. It is the task of a liege to invite Bloodline Royalty in the chain-of-command to turnings. Turnings, heretofore referenced as Embracing will be formal RP events. Your Blood Elder wishes to be present at the rebirth of one of her bloodline.

7. Thou shalt not complain about cross-gaming in other unrelated/related combat HUDs.

8. Children of the Blood Elder may adopt the surname: Amara. They may not, however, adopt the surname of the Sators, Helcaraxe, nor of the Blood Elder’s husband: Dagon.

9. Thou shalt not directly contact the Countess nor the Warchief for any reason whatsoever. If you require a group tag, please have a member of the Royal Bloodline (an officer) contact Elder Lyri. However, since the Blood Elder asks to be present at ALL embracings, the appropriate tags will be given.

10. When thou are given privileged information from your Blood Elder, Coven, or Bloodline, it becomes classified and sacred. You shall not share ANY information from Bloodline with any outside source. This includes chat logs in-world, on Discord, or any Amara Sanguis Bloodline related communication.

11. Thou shalt protect, support, coach and train all Descendants. This means, each turning requires a liege, to fully explain HUD usage, rules of the Bloodline, rules of the respective Coven, Web registration, and day-to-handling of all AL related affairs.

12. Drama is not befitting of a vampire. Respect and discipline is imperative.

13. Attacks with the AL HUD amongst fellow Bloodline members is unacceptable. You will be punished accordingly if you try to attack within the Amara Sanguis Bloodline.

14. Blood Elder Lyri and Primogen Julia must be included in all Coven groups within the Amara Sanguis Bloodline. Both must have corresponding invite abilities both on Discord and SL Groups to invite and assist you. They will be afforded the respect their titles encompass within each group.

15. Thou shalt hold the Thralls in reverence. They are one of the most critical aspects of our illustrious Bloodline. To be fed by a Thrall is a privilege…treat it as such.
Anyone caught mistreating or misusing a Thrall shall be punished accordingly.

16. Thou shalt not create another Vampire alt whilst situated within the Amara Sanguis Bloodline.
Once pledged to Blood Elder Lyri’s line, you must remain loyal. This means no Vampire alts within a different Bloodline. If you wish to join a different Bloodline, you must leave the one you are in. You may NOT simply create an alt. This is disloyalty and Blood means Loyalty.

17. Thou shalt not cheat. What does this encompass you might ask?
You will not use auto-clickers or any such associated third-party software to alter or affect the HUD in any way. You will not use alt avatars to accelerate gain on the achievement boards or bypass the gaming process. It is illegal and will have grave consequences for you. Your Afterlife must proceed according to the rules set for by our gloried Sators.


I sit here, staring at this blank page. The current events surrounding me are the reason I am forced to tell my story. My name is, Elder Lyri Ambrosia Helcaraxe. And I am a Vampire. To some, what I just confessed, would seem like a myth. However, I assure what I am about to write is completely true.

 There have been movies that would seem to mirror my life however, those were just movies. This story, this tale, is my life. There is no fantasy or fiction about it. They are actual events that took place in my extended immortal life.

Immortal. I will roam the earth for eternity. I will watch people I love come and go. Is this a blessing or a curse? To never age is a blessing, that I admit I love. But to have loved and lost. That is the curse.

To the average mortal, I look as if I am 17. I have long onyx hair, eyes as blue as ice and snow-white, porcelain  skin. If you looked at me, you would suggest I need more time in the sun; however, the sun, is one of the very things that could kill me. But never did anyone question my mortality. We hide it well. Always moving or changing our identity. You wouldn’t believe how many believe I could be a distant relative of my great so-and-so. It’s a lie I perfected.

Let’s go back to my beginning to my time as a normal being. My life as a mortal, began many centuries ago. That time, is a blur to me as I barely remember much of it. What I can  remember are my parents, siblings, and a small dog named, Sadie. Once I became what mortals would call a monster, I blacked it all out. The rejection of my loved ones hurt. But that’s another story. Perhaps, the rejection molded me into who I am today. Am I in fact a monster? Or, am I simply just a girl, that was given a strain of immortality, to change life as we know it.

It all started, One summer night in August. I was out taking my dog, Sadie for a walk in the woods. I had been there a million times and knew the trail so well  I could walk it blindly. About half way through the wooded path, Sadie halts. Her body stiff and her tail erect. She is growling but not moving. I’ve seen this before with hunting dogs but had never seen her react this way. I crouch down to pet her and ask her “What is it girl?” She doesn’t budge.  I look over into the distance and see a female silhouette in the moonlight. I didn’t seem to recognize the attire she wore, so I assumed she was a stranger.

Her back is turned to me. Standing up, I debate if I should turn around and go home the way I came, or see if this person needed my help. Since it was late in the evening,

I decided to offer assistance to her. I begin to approach her. Sadie, hesitated but eventually began to follow. “Hello, may I help you?” I ask. She hears me and turns her head slightly to the side. I can tell she’s looking at me through the corner of her eye. “Hello” she replies. “H-Hello” I respond. She turns around and reaches out a hand for me to shake. I politely oblige and can’t help but notice how frigid her hand is. I found it odd since it was the middle of the summer.”My name is Countess Tasha, Do not be afraid my child, she says as if she’s known me my whole life. I’m not going to hurt you. But please don’t try to run, If you do, I will catch you. Staying still will only make it easier for both of us.” she says calmly.

With these words, all I could do was stand frozen before her. I was petrified and wanted to run as fast as I could but I was unable to move. My whole body was heavy. It felt as if my feet were cemented into the ground.  She walks closer to me and slowly pulls my onyx hair, which had fallen loose from my bun. She traces a cold finger around my neck. The chill sends shivers down my spine. Without a word, she swiftly leans in and bites my neck.

I can’t move, all I could do was tense up. The wound on my flesh, it burns fiercely yet, the coldness from her hands somehow soothe it.  What just happened? Why did this woman bite me? A gasp escapes my lips, I bring my hand up to my neck, my fingers trace the wound and as she walks away, I collapse to the ground. She walks around me as she says “See, that wasn’t so bad. In a little bit you will pass out, but don’t be afraid. The change will take a little bit, but I’ll be here waiting by your side for you to wake up. Then you will live for forever, Lyri” Those words, were the last words I heard before everything went black.

When I wake up, I appear to be in a large room that I have never been in before, I feel different. I can’t explain the euphoric feeling that overcame me. Everything I once took for granted, sight, sound, taste, touch, vision all seem heightened. I became stronger than anything I have ever known and could move at superhuman speed.  I started exploring with my newly advanced skills.  I can see the woman I now know as, Countess Tasha, sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. “Hello again, Lyri, please do not be scared”. She begins to hand me a cup, “I apologize, you must be dying of thirst.” I take the cup from her hands and stare.

The cup she gives me, is filled with a thick, red substance. I look at her with an inquisitive look not really understanding why I must drink this non-appealing liquid. She motions for me to drink.  With hesitation, I do as instructed. This is when I begin to realize my thirst for blood. And it was unquenchable. She smiles as she watches me indulge every last drop. “More is on it’s way. I am presuming you must be curious as to where you are.” She says as she starts to walk over to the chair. She sits down and clasps her hands together.

“You are in my own private mansion. In case you have forgotten who I am, my name is Countess Tasha, if you don’t remember, and yours is Lyri.  I have given you a gift that will make you immortal. In exchange, I want you to help me grow an empire. Together, we will build a dynasty, defeat the Lycans and claim the world as ours.   

I lean back, my head is pounding. So much information has been given to me. I begin to wonder if this is a dream. My new overwhelming  appetite for blood reminds me that it is not a dream. I desire more. She sees my hunger growing and we leave the place I will now call home. This, is where I leave my old life behind. Everything I once knew is behind me and my new life has begun. Today, I become Ambrosia.

The Countess  begins to tell me of all the things I will be experiencing. She teaches me how to survive and how to use my new abilities to my advantage. She explains that I have a special palate for blood, that only pertains to me and those I embrace and when I enter what she describes as a frienzy. I begin to feel as if my head is spinning in circles, and my lust for blood is edacious my thoughts

. In a sense, Countess Tasha, has become my mother. Teaching me, guiding me and most of all, protecting me. Over time, my thirst dwindles to where I can function. It was as if I were still mortal. Being amongst them without them discovering my true state or me wanting to drain their pulsating veins has stopped being a challenge even if I can hear the blood pump through their bodies. I can once again function among the mortals.

I enjoy things I once did as a mortal as well as love things I once feared. I helped the Countess grow the dynasty she dreamed about.  Life was good. However, things changed. Blood between the Lycans and the Vampires was shed and then a battle over food supply and power took over. This began the great war.

War with the Lycans was fierce. Their mission was to eliminate us. Ours was to eliminate them. The Countess prepared me for this as much as she could. Even with her guidance this war was not like anything I could ever fathom. I was scared but my determination of not letting The Countess down pushed my fears aside. I vowed to stand by this woman who brought new meaning to my life and I did not plan on failing. Our goal was simple. To win.  Sadly, that did not happen. Most of our underlings,did not make it.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Fortunately, we were not defeated as it was just as devastating for the Lycans. We were just as strong but the war made us tired and weak. Our biggest  downfall, being so focused on defeating them over-powered our urge to feed and rest. The only ones left standing were, Countess Tasha and her husband, (Dads title here when he decides).

There they stood, face to face. You could see the blood-thirst in their eyes but also sense the love they had for each other. The smell of blood and flesh was strong. On one side, was the Lycan Elders, the other, the Vampire Elders. Each of  us connected to one another through this strain. The only ones strong enough to survive.  It felt as if the world was spinning and time stood still. There we stood, looking at each other, waiting for the command from our creators, whom we have grown to call our parents, to kill. That command never came. You see, what they saw around them was so devastating. They realized, that in order to keep their legacy going, we must simply walk away. There were no words spoken as none were needed. Their eyes told a thousand stories.

Countess Tasha began to step back slowly. She turned on her heel and walked towards us, her “children”. She nodded and began to walk towards the distance. Without saying a word, My sisters and brother  began to follow. We knew this war was not over. We would all come face to face again. But this time, we will evaluate, learn and grow stronger.

Over centuries, we rebuilt, and expanded. We Elders, my siblings,  were given a great responsibility. I chose those who followed me wisely. We used our strength to our advantage and we always remain alert. Because of the advances the world gained, we tend to live more in the shadows but we are here and we are strong.  Stories of our war spread over the years and we have become feared. We are not the glorified shiny vampires that the tales on the big screen tell.  To the average eye, we seem, normal.  We simply just want to go on surviving. To us, lurking in the shadows and feeding discreetly has become the normal way of life. But each day, we grow stronger and prepared to fight, knowing that we will once again come face to face with the Lycans and we will be ready.

And that is my past, today I look forward to my future, whatever that may be.