Morte D’Amour


Elder: ℳιđσгι Ɲเţчα Ήυŋţгeѕѕ Ð’Åmσυг (midoriprincess)
Primogen: ᑭяιмму Ð’Åmσυя ŦR㊉UBLES Ɲเţчα (Prim033110)

Blood Traits

Satiated Cruor
Allows you to have a bigger appetite therefore increasing the limit of how much blood you can consume.

Fire Resilience
Adds a slight resistance to the effects of Ignite on Weapons.

Adds a slight increase to the starting base experience of using Scythes

Bloodline Rules

1. You must know and respect the rules of the system.

2. Know the ranks of your Coven and the Afterlife System, (Please respect the ranks & follow the chain of command).

 Elder: ℳιđσгι Ð’Åmσυг ßrαveħeαгt (midoriprincess)
Primogen: ᑭяιмму Ð’Åmσυя ŦR㊉UBLES Ɲเţчα (Prim033110)

Coven Hierarchy
1. Monarch
2. Scion
3. Palatine

Always go to your Mentor and then up your Covens chain of command. If none are available you can go to the lines Primogen or Elder.
(Please if you have a problem, need group tags given out then contact as the chain of command goes. DO NOT CONTACT THE SATORS FOR ANYTHING.

3. Take care of your minions teach everything you need on the first day, use of HUDs, chain of command, rules of the system and the Coven, how to work professions and skills, registration in website etc. so we avoid them asking basic questions in group chats.

4.. Enjoy the game your way and choose your role, you are not forced to do anything you do not want (except to follow the rules of Afterlife, this line, and your Coven)

5. Respect the titles of the officials in the game and refer to them according to their ranks Monarchs ,Alphas…Scions, Beta’s…. Palatines , Zetas….. Primogens, Sentinels…… Elders and Sators (creators), mentioning these ranks before their names. Eg. Elder Midori. In the case of the creators of the game they must be called Sators ( The Countess (Tasha) Warchief (Lhino).

6. Respect each member of the Line at all times NO DRAMA !!!

7. No attacking anyone in the line in this system.

8. Absolutely NO ATTACKS in ANY system on the lines land.


Many centuries ago I was a young girl, my parents having gone missing, I was forced to live in an orphanage until I reached the age of 17. It was then, the orphanage told me that I needed to start earning my keep. For my job, I was sent to the home of, Tasha Helcaraxe , known to all as The Countess. I heard many rumors from my peers. They said, those that go into that home, never come out. That made me very nervous but I had no choice but to accept this job. My curiosity also made me want to know more about her and to see if the rumors were true.

On my first day, I arrived at her home. She seemed kind as she gave me a tour of her home. While we walked through this magnificent mansion she began to explain everything I would be doing in the home. I listened carefully and made note of it all. I also made sure to pay close attention to my surroundings. The decor and furnishings were quite unique. They were dark yet beautiful. When we finished the tour, The Countess stopped and smiled as she placed her hand on my shoulder. She asked if I had any questions. I did not hesitate to take the opportunity to ask all that was on my mind.

I have never been one to be shy or timid, so I bravely asked her what had become of those who held this job before me. She chuckled as she stated, “They went to different jobs, of course, anything else you would like to know?” She asked while crossing her arms across her abdomen.  I then asked if I could learn more about her She looked at me for a moment then tilted her head “What do you want to know?”  I just started blurting out questions, barely taking a breath in between “Where are you from, how did you end up here, do you have family?”  I took a deep breath, wishing I had kept my thoughts to myself, hoping she wouldn’t fire me right then and there. Instead, she simply smiled and pointed to the chair by the window. “Sit my child I will tell you my story”.

We sat in a grand room on the most comfortable furniture I have ever felt. She told me stories of her past. I was fascinated and felt the need to know more and more. After about an hour she stopped. She stated that it was enough for today but if I wanted to know more I could stay a little late each day I worked. For the next couple months, 5 days a week, that is exactly what I did. I was so eager to learn more. It was as if I was addicted to her. I made sure to arrive at work on time and complete all my chores early.  Her stories were so fascinating and so unique, I wanted to make sure I did everything perfect. I couldn’t wait to hear more. One day, after a few months of working for her, she sat with me like normal. It was our usual time together only this time, it felt different. The Countess exhaled deeply as she said “Child, we are at a point in my tales, that I feel if I tell you more, you may not believe me. It may get scary and you may want to never return once I tell you. It is my hope you will hear it and not run. As I have decided that I want to bring you into my world, do you wish to hear further Midori?”. I was compelled to answer quickly without hesitation. I felt comfort from The countess, a kind of peace I haven’t felt in years, so it was easy for me to not be afraid. “Yes Countess, I am ready and I want to hear more”.

                          She began to speak of a village that had been overrun with a virus. She went on to explain that the virus had wiped out all but her and another in just 3 days. She paused for a moment, waiting for my reaction, when she felt it was safe, she continued to explain how the virus transformed her and her husband in two completely different ways.  When she was done, she sat back in her chair and waited patiently for my response. I should have been scared however, I wasn’t. Instead I was completely fascinated. The realization had set in that for the past few months, I had been working for and sitting next to a…….. Vampire… a real Vampire.  I was in shock all I could do was sit there. Before today I had thought they were just a myth.

                          Seeing that I was not bolting for the door, she went on to explain about all the changes she went though. As I sat there listening, the only thoughts in my head were, I want to be like her. Some may have cringed at her words “only feed with blood” but not I. Nope, I wanted to know how that felt, how it tasted, I wanted it all. I spoke up and said, “Countess please make me like you “. She shifted and put a smile on her face “Patience ” she replied.  “You must know that if I decide to turn you there is a chance you will not survive at all.” I thought about her words then reflected on the life I have and decided it would be worth the risk. I nodded as I said “I understand Countess and the risk is something I’d be willing to take.” With those words she said “Come with me child let’s not waste another minute.” I followed her to another room. This room was just as grand as the first. Only instead of the comfy furniture there stood alone an altar. I stared ahead as I began daydreaming of what it would be like, would it hurt?  is it quick? so many questions flooded my brain. But, it didn’t matter as nothing would change my mind. I was ready to do this.

She motioned for me. “Come my child have a seat and let us begin. ” She explained what she was going to do step-by- step.  She took a moment to give me the chance to change my mind.  Her eyes never leaving mine, she whispered “Are you positive this is what you want?” I could only manage to nod my head but did so eagerly.

She explained that after the transition, I would be strong and that I would be expected to create a family of my own. I smiled at the word family….. I was excited that I would finally have a family  as of now, I have no family. It wasn’t long before I felt a stinging pain, she was biting me,  I closed my eyes and waited till she was finished. She withdrew her fangs and said, “Sleep my child when you wake I will teach you our ways.” I faded out having vivid dreams of my life. When I woke, I sat straight up.  I looked around at my surroundings.  My hands clasped my throat….the pain, it was horrible. I was so thirsty. So very thirsty. The Countess was by my side in seconds. Her smile huge her eyes proud. She began to speak but it sounded like a mumble. A young man walked over to her obediently  “Drink from this mortal ” she said. I looked up and all I could see was the pulsating vein in this mortals neck … I could hear his heart beating. No longer able to control myself, I Lunged towards him, sinking my new fangs into his neck. The blood tasted so …good.  I couldn’t get enough I drank and drank till I suddenly heard the Countess  speak . “you must stop or you will kill him. Stop Midori!.” I pulled back and looked up at her. “Thank you Countess, thank you for this gift.”

Over the next few months she taught me all I needed to know. I started to create a family of my own. I named my family Morte D’Amour, Lovers of Death. We grew to be a huge line. My family fought in the great battle against the Lycans. Over time both sides dwindled down to  almost nothing. We pulled back and decided to focus on our families and rebuild.That leaves us with the now. My family is rebuilding and growing stronger and stronger. Each time we battle we take great pleasure in the killings of our enemy.