Luna Vocat


Elder: -zah-ney- (xaniy)
Sentinel: Guy Ketori (guygarrulous)

Blood Traits

Satiated Cruor
Allows you to have a bigger appetite therefore increasing the limit of how much blood you can consume.

Venenum Auctus
Slightly increases the chance of triggering Poison when biting a Vampire or Lycan.

Adds a slight increase to the starting base experience of using Scythes

Bloodline Rules

1. Please know the general system rules and TOS and abide by same. Learn who the Pack Leaders and Officers of the System are and address them accordingly. ( never directly contact Countess Tasha or Warchief Lhinovanion directly)
Elder of Luna Vocat — xaniy Sentinel of Luna Vocat ( 2nd in command ) GuyGarrulous

2. Respect is a necessity, A bit of smack talk be it in a general system chat or group is expected but please keep it clean

3. Any form of cheating will get your automatically kicked.

4. Turning someone into our Bloodline is a honor. Strive for quality over quantity. Teach who you bring in what is necessary for them to thrive and enjoy.

5. No alts in other Bloodlines, if you have an alt it must be with us.

6. No attacking (unless you are defending) on any of our home lands or the EC: Afterlife sim. This goes for other EC system games as well. We want to create a safe place to gather. No Griefing at enemy lands, ours or anywhere on the SL Grid

7. No attacking within members of our Bloodline

8. Leadership roles are earned and not just given away and is one of the highest honors. It a commitment to the entire Bloodline to uphold and honor…loyalty. Our Leaders want you to learn and grow.. Please follow the chain of command.. your Alpha’s, Beta’s and Zeta’s.

9. RP your character as you wish and within your own comfort zone. Just remember to have fun.


Many countries and cultures have stories about us, just to suit their needs. Like vampires, we Lycans have been around for millenniums, and nothing short of a silver bullet is likely to stop us from being around millenniums more.

We have one natural enemy,  Vampires. Some say it has to do with us competing for prey,  some think we exist to protect humans from vampires, and others feel  there is an ancient feud between the two factions that has continued through the centuries that no one knows what started it ., We are the original Hatfields and McCoys. Our only similarity, we endeavor to stay hidden from the mortals.

There is a certain effect that is shared between my bloodline and is passed down from myself  to another, that is, if you’re fortunate enough to survive the Strain from my bite. Sometimes it allows me to know what they are thinking or feeling, but after awhile that affect fades away as they become more powerful. But the one thing that remains the same is the bond it creates, a certain level of respect and loyalty.  As a Blood Elder my powers and intuitions are based off the memories of my Sire Lhinovanion   .

How I came to be is simple and yet complex.  That night my mortal self was reveling in a feast provided to my family to celebrate a future union of a business dealing between my father and his friend.  I was a young girl, just entering my teen years and such a lavish party was new to me as those my age were never invited to such grand affairs.  The abundance of food and wine, grand ladies dressed in their finest attire, men shrouded in their best suits,

My father had been always been a busy man, being the only town Doctor kept him away from the family much, traveling to those who needed his attention and meeting with others in his profession to share new procedures and practices.  Whenever they heard of an illness spreading  the entire town looked to him for a treatment, a new medicine.  It always seemed all hope rested on his shoulders.   Being his youngest child I usually felt neglected but understood how much everyone needed him and that did bring a sense of pride.

In a way this party was also bittersweet.  My mother passed away the year before from something he could not cure or treat.  I saw then for the first time my father feeling helpless.  Yes he had lost other patients from illness  ..but this was different.  She has a poison inside her, given to her from an animal.  It was not known if it was a dog, a bear or wolf, but i remember seeing a glimpse of the bite marks on her when i was peeking through the keyhole on their bedroom door.   When my mother was stricken with this I was not permitted to be near her for fear it was contagious.

But now my father had a partner, a pharmacist named Theodore Rufus, who thinks he has come up with a cure as there have been several others who have passed to the other side with the exact same symptoms as my Mother had. And time was of the essence as my brother has now also fell to this mysterious poison..and yes the same bite marks.

Our town and surrounding villages were feeling threatened.  No one had seen stray animals about.  People were ordered to keep their dogs inside after dark.  Their livestock fenced in.  yet the illness spread and through animal bites.    So it was of no surprise that everyone in the town was at this party to celebrate what Mr. Rufus and my father were about to announce..a cure.  Mr Rufus has the capability of making this cure and my father seeing that everyone in town is vaccinated.  They have used it on my brother and  they say he is getting better.   His fits of trying to almost get out of his own body are less and less.and the convulsions are not as violent.

But during one of many speakers who were all praising my Father and Mr. Rufus,  The nurse, who was watching my brother,  ran down and interrupted with …news.  

During that instant, everyone was in a sheer state of panic.  People running, almost trampling each other to get to the safety of their own homes. My father fearing for my safety sent me to spend the night with The Countess Tasha  and her husband Lord  Lhinovanion..   Their home was majestic with the finest woods and tapestries. They both tried to set my mind at ease with the Countess telling me my brothers will to survive seems strong and not to worry. they will find him by daylight.  As I sat in a chair, Lord then proceeded to tell me a story about  how some can transform their mortal being and how it’s timed by the sun and the moon.  I thought he was trying to make me worry less about my brother..  until he then showed me his transformation.  

I have not seen my brother in many years but I hear of his Vampiric ways and those in his Clan.  His bite from the Countess has made him powerful.. but I’m sure our paths will meet in time. and when they do. my strengths and prowess received from Lord  Lhinovanion will be his downfall should he decide to cross me or mine.

My Father never did find a cure,.  You survive the strain I pass or your dont.  The heart of a Lycan is one of much  pride that  my all  pacts carry with their mortal or animal form.