HUD Tutorial

  • Health: This bar represents how much life force you have. Health will only decrease when you get attacked by another member. If you Health reaches 0 you will be Slain.
  • Thirst/Hunger: This bar represents your need to feed and it will decrease slowly throughout the day. You can fill this up by feeding from mortals. If your Thirst/Hunger drops to 0 you will not die, however your attacks will hit less because you are weakened.
  • Thirst/Hunger to Health Converter: If your Thirst/Hunger Bar is decently filled you can transfer a portion of it to replenish your Health.
  • Frenzy/Rage: This is used to active your transformations, break bites, and etc. If your Frenzy/Rage bar gets full you will be able to trigger your transformation though keep in mind you will only be able to transform once every hour.

  • Shield: This is used to reduce incoming damage. Your Hud will display when you are about to be attacked, you can then press and hold the shield for reduced damage.
  • Target: Press this button to pop up a menu and select a member from the list. Their name will then be displayed on your HUD and you may attack or bite them if you wish.
  • Weapon: This part of the HUD shows what weapon you have currently selected.
  • Weapon Options: When you click this button a list of all the weapons will appear and you may then proceed to select the weapon you want to use.
  • Bite: This is used to slightly drain your opponent while giving you back some Health in return. It is also used to feed from mortals.

  • Weapon Selection: There are 4 types of weapons that you may select from. Not only do the weapons look different they also behave differently. 
    1. Twin Daggers (fast attack speed – low damage – hard to shield)
    2. Katana (medium attack speed – normal damage – medium to shield)
    3. Scythe (normal attack speed – medium damage – normal to shield)
    4. Halberd (slow attack speed – high damage – easier to shield)
  • Hide/Show Weapon: If you have your Afterlife Core Object attached you can freely hide/show your weapon.

Steps to attacking a Target

  1. Select a target from the target menu.
  2. Make sure you are within 10 meters of the target when you are ready to attack.
  3. Press the weapon on your HUD, while holding move your mouse either up, down, left, or right. Once you select a direction you may release the button.
  4. After the attack animation/timer you will attack the target and deal damage.


  • You are able to bite both mortals and members of the system.
  • In order to bite a Vampire or Lycan you must first have them targeted. Once they are you must be within 10 meters of the target. Press and hold the bite to do a slight amount of damage while gaining some Health back. Once you release the bite button the bite will stop. Biting a Vampire or Lycan also gives you Frenzy/Rage.
  • In order to bite a mortal, make sure that you have no one targeted then press the bite button. A list of names of mortals within a 10 meter radius of you will pop up and you can press and hold the bite button to gain Thirst/Hunder.


Bite Break

When you are being bitten this icon will appear on your HUD. If you have enough Frenzy/Rage you will be able to press and hold this button. Once it fills up it will break the bites of EVERYONE biting you and it will also startle then rendering them unable to bite anyone for a short period of time.

Perception will allow you to sense other beings containing the Strain Virus in your surroundings, meaning that you will be able to sense the presence of other Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Thralls that are on the same Region as you.

In order to increase this skill you will have to utilize the Perception Skill button. The skill has a cool-down to avoid spamming the server.

From 0-50% you will only be able to see how many other beings are gifted with the Strain Virus are on the same Region as you.

From 50-99% you will be able to see how many of each species are in the region.

At 100% you will be able to see:
– How many members of each species
– Their species
– Their usernames
– Their age

Awareness will allow you to hear and sense attacks that are happening around you. The higher your percentage in this ability the more aware you will be of your surroundings and the distance and duration of the ability heightened.

At 0% Awareness – Lasts for 10 seconds with a range of 0 meters.
At 100% Awareness – Lasts for 20 minutes with a range of 100 meters.

As you increase in percentage from 0-100% the duration time and range will increase accordingly every time you successfully gain a percentage.

You will also see if a member is Slain/Drained within your awareness range.

You can easily refresh the timer on your awareness ability  by simply pressing awareness again.