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Danon Jewellery UK has all the time strived for perfection by way of excellence. Because of a meticulous workforce, Danon has constructed a popularity of originality, high quality and service the world over.

We're fortunate to have so many great designers to choose from. In addition to our personal range of sterling silver jewelry , we additionally inventory lovely designs by Pure Origins, Aviv and Banyan. Pure Origins by Sea Gems is predicated in Cornwall and specialises in delicate natural designs and celtic inspired items. Pure Origins jewellery draws inspiration from the British countryside and its cultural heritage. Aviv is a household run business based mostly in Israel. Their hand-made designs are characterised by fusing fashionable and traditional kinds and the usage of opals , garnet and onyx.

If you are planning to put on jewelry, it is vital that you put your jewellery on after you set your garments on. There are pointed edges on jewellery that can trigger your clothing and your jewellery to get ruined. Moreover, you need to take off your jewelry before you get undressed. In case you love wearing jewelry, however hate the irritation it causes, then you may need to study the metals in the jewellery. Higher karats of gold are much less likely to cause irritation so opt for 14 or 18 karat. You might additionally try platinum and even palladium as each of these metals are harder and stronger than gold.

The creation process at Danon is based on a steady seek for new and attention-grabbing sources of inspiration along with a every day update in the main traits on the earth of style and jewellery and a continuing regard to clientele. Danon's designs are characterized by a clean and unique style line, which mixes original components, gems, leather-based, Swarovski crystals and other high quality pieces.

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