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Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons Wiki!
Welcome to our wiki page! Please enjoy your stay!

General Information

  • Created by Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe
  • Within the Secondlife Metaverse
  • Grid-wide role-playing system
  • Angels and Demons Lore

Even though the system offers endless possibilities, there are couple of things that you should not do for your own good.

  1. No fighting/combat of any kind in the High Heavens and Hell nor anywhere on the EC Sim. This means no attacking of any kind with the A&D HUD or any other HUD games or systems while on the EC Sim. The EC sim is a COMPLETE safe-zone.
  2. There can be no rules, punishment, and/or official complaint for an attack that comes from the opposite species, or from an arranged event by Sators or those within an officially declared conflict by Leaders (Chieftains/Cardinals).
  3. Do not reveal to a mortal that you or anyone else is/was feeding from them, unless you are in the process to descend/transcend them.
  4. You are allowed to sell your backpack items ONLY on the Marketplace. You are free to give away those items but if you are selling them they must go on the Marketplace. Also you can sell our other products such as blood tanks and etc but you must rez them and place them for sale so that the buyer can directly buy the product we do not want to hear any complaints like "I bought a blood tank and the person never gave it to me."

About Eternal Conflict

The demons seek to bring chaos to the realm of mortals while the angels seek to form order and peace

The Eternal Conflict: Angels and Demons is a system created by Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe, under L&T Designs Brand in the meta-verse of SecondLife. Eternal Conflict is a system that is mixed with both Role-play and Combat. This is an invite only system, as the Angels & Demons roam the mortal realms unnoticed, only to transcend/descend those that seem worthy to join in this Eternal Conflict. This is a free to play system and though there are many products and fancy gadgets that you can buy if you wish to, the system itself is free. The main focus in EC is this war that has been going on between Angels and Demons for as long as The Fire Angel fell from the High Heavens. They struggle to control the mortal realm while keeping their existence a myth from them. The demons seek to bring chaos to the realm of mortals while the angels seek to form order and peace. This ongoing struggle has left both sides desperate and they seek to build their numbers by transcending and descending mortals to join in their fight. The mortals with tainted and cursed souls seek to aid the Demons and help them build and win this war once and for all, while those that are pure and blessed seek to bring peace to the realm by siding with the Angels. The way that EC is structured is each subclass of both Angels & Demons are controlled by the Archangel or Arch-demon of that specific subclass. No Archangel nor Arch-demon will be of the same subclass. In the Eternal Conflict: Angels and Demons, the subclasses of Angels are referred to as Domains, that of Demons is referred to as Legions. The Archangels lead choirs of angels to aide in battle, while Arch-demons command hordes of demons.

If you are interested in joining the system you can visit the SIM. You will have to be transcended or descended by a current member of the system, on the SIM you are sure to find some current members. You can either become enlightened and join the ranks of Angels or give in to your carnal desires and descend as a Demon, which side will you chose?


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The Sators: Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

The Sators

What are their roles?

The Archangels

Cαѕѕαηđrα Ɗ. ℳ. Crίѕtoℓє

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

Oberon Eames

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

Parthenia Church-Horngold

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

Ϯяєαѕυяє Н.ß. λɨɭσ۲σʊʂ

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

The Arch Demons

ѦиίϮа Нєᴌᴄаяаxё Ⴀȼиȼвŗǣ

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

αηեσηiα ԑւᶑrլեcի

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

ℳιđσгι Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

Łäžäŗ Нєᴌᴄаяаxё ߣɑςκвµяи

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

Angel Types

►Smite (0-100 days) All angels have this as a first skill.
Angel of Justice


-Judgment: (101-500)
-Punishment: (500-1000)
-Retribution: (above 1000)
Angel of Death
Marked for death.png


-Marked for Death: (101-500)
-Archangel's Wrath: (500-1000)
-Pierce: (above 1000)
Angel of Valor
Angelic Flash.png


-Angelic Flash: (101-500)
-Battle Momentum: (500-1000)
-Focused Strength: (above 1000)
Angel of Hope


-Sanctification: (101-500)
-Angel’s Grace: (500-1000)
-Overflowing Light: (above 1000)
Angel of Fate


-Righteousness: (101-500)
-Holy Ground: (500-1000)
-Salvation: (above 1000)
Angel of Wisdom


-Enlighten: (101-500)
-Imposing Will: (500-1000)
-Empower: (above 1000)

Demon Types

►Pyrokinesis(0-100 days) All demons have this as a first skill.
Demon of Hatred


-Vengeance: (101-500)
-Burning Rage: (500-1000)
-Psionic Vortex: (above 1000)

Demon of Terror
The Hunt.png


-The Hunt: (101-500)
-Relentless: (500-1000)
-Bound: (above 1000)
Demon of Destruction


-Overpower: (101-500)
-Battered Assault: (500-1000)
-Sunder: (above 1000)
Demon of Anguish
Lightning Breath.png


-Lightning Breath: (101-500)
-Lunge: (500-1000)
-Fury: (above 1000)
Demon of Deception


-Coercion: (101-500)
-Envenom: (500-1000)
-Betrayer’s Thirst: (above 1000)
Demon of Vice


-Metamorphosis: (101-500)
-Pursuit of Envy: (500-1000)
-HellStorm: (above 1000)


Blood/Brightness Tanks

What are Blood/Brightness Tanks?

Blood tanks and brightness containers are used to store blood and brightness. The blood tanks are for those that are Demons, while the brightness containers are for those that are Angels. These tanks & containers can be set to either Owner access only or to group access.
Sizes & Price
(10,000) - 800L$
(30,000) - 1500L$
(100,000) - 4500L$
Cryonics/Resting Capsules

What are Cryonics/Resting Capsules?

The cryonics and resting capsules are for those that wish to go into "hibernation". Only one body can fit in a capsule, this means that once a body is in a capsule no one else can "hibernate" in that specific capsule. There are 4 options for hibernating, they go as follows:
    Option 1 (300L$): No aging, No max blood increase, No light erg gain, No protection
    Option 2 (1000L$): Aging, Max blood increase, No light erg gain, No protection
    Option 3 (2500L$): Aging, Max blood increase, No light erg gain, Protection
    Option 4 (6000L$): Aging, Max blood increase, Light erg gain, Protection
Demonic Essence/Light Erg Depositories

What are Demonic Essence/Light Erg Depositories?

Essence and Erg Depositories are used to store Demonic Essences and Light Ergs. The essence depositories are for Demonic use only and the Light Ergs are for Angelic use only. These depositories work in a similar fashion as the blood tank and brightnesscontainers, but instead they will take ergs and essences off of your scan. This is ideal for those that do not wish to lose their essences and ergs when they fall and die in battle. These depositories can be set to either Owner mode of Group access mode.
 Sizes & Price
 (50) - 1000L$
 (150) - 2500L$
 (500) - 4500L$
Possession Altar/Restoration Chamber

What are Possession Altar/Restoration Chamber?

The possession altar and restoration chambers are you to revive banished demons and faded angels. When a demon becomes banished they will need to sit in the possession altar and have another demon revive them so that they can return to a materialized state. The demon that is reviving the banished demon will have to sacrifice 2 demonic essences in order to complete the revival. When an angel becomes faded they will need to sit in the restoration chambers and have another angel revive them so that they can return to a vibrant state. The angel that is reviving the faded angel will have to sacrifice 2 light ergs in order to complete the revival.
Meditation Cocoon/Meditation Rug

How to Meditate?

#Go to Heaven or Hell depending on your species (Click the appropriate LM above it will take you to the correct place).
#Find and sit on a Meditation Rug/Cocoon.
#You will automatically begin meditating which it will tell you in local. You will continue to meditate until you stand up or you have reached the limit for that 24 hour period.
#If you click the rug it will tell you in local how long you have been meditating, how much ergs/essence you have earned in that session, and also how much ergs/essences you have earned within the 24 hour period.
● Meditation Skill (visible on scan)
0-20% you gain 0.1% every minute
After 20% the skill gain is not guaranteed and becomes harder and harder to gain skill as you move up the skill tree.
The higher your meditation skill the more ergs/essences you will gain in a minute.



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