We have released Invulnerability which will allow you to go into a state which will prevent you from being attacked/bitten and from being able to attack/bite.

► What is Invulnerability and how does it work?
– Invulnerability feeds from your Thirst/Hunger.
– When you become invulnerable you will lose 100% Thirst/Hunger within 4 hours.
– You can feed from Mortals while Invulnerable to fill up your Thirst/Hunger hence increasing the duration.
– Invulnerability takes 0.1 Zeal within an hour.
– Invulnerability takes 2 minutes to turn on after initiation.
– It will fail and won’t turn on if you attack/bite or get attacked/bitten during 2 minutes of initiation period
– If you reach 0% Thirst/Hunger your Invulnerability will turn off.
– If you run out of Zeal which is shown on your scan your Invulnerability will turn off.

► How to activate Invulnerability:
1. Go to your HUD Settings Menu
2. Click the button that says “Invul:OFF”
3. It will tell you information on Invulnerability and ask you if you want to turn Invulnerability on. Click “Turn On”
4. It will take 2 minutes before you actually go invulnerable. If you attack/bite or get attacked/bitten during 2 minutes of initiation period it will not turn on.
5. Once the 2 minutes is up you will see an image showing “Invulnerable” at the bottom of your HUD.
6. At 100% Thirst/Hunger your Invulnerability will last for about 4 hours. If you want to be Invulnerable for a longer time and you have enough Zeal, you may feed ONLY on mortals while Invulnerable.

For any issues contact one of the Elders or submit a Support Ticket on the Afterlife Website.
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