Turning Altar Tutorial

1. The minion sits on the turning altar by clicking sit on the scale.

2. The mentor then sits on the turning altar by clicking sit on the steps.

3. A pop-up will appear on your Main HUD. Before you can proceed you will need to raise the scale all the way up. Do so by pressing the following arrow on your HUD where your weapon used to be as shown below.

4. Once the scale is all the way up. The “Add Blood” button will highlight as shown below.

5. Press and hold the “Add Blood” button until the cylinder fills up all the way as the video below shows.
Note: If you do not have enough blood and get the error message you must get off the altar. You can then convert your thirst/hunger into health go feed and come back. Make sure when you get off your minion stays on the altar or all the progress will reset. You can then get back on the altar and lower the scale slightly then raise it back up fully and the “Add Blood” button will highlight again and you can continue filling the cylinder with blood.

6. Once the cylinder is filled. a new pop up will appear on your Main HUD. Make sure that the mortal is fully drained. If you did not drain them beforehand you can go ahead and drain them while staying on the altar before proceeding to the next step.

7. Once the mortal is drained, lower the scale all the way into the blood by pressing the down arrow on your Main HUD as shown below.

8. Once the scale is all the way lowered a new pop up will appear. It will inform you to pick the species that you want to turn the mortal into. You will have two options, the same as your own species or a thrall. Below is an example of what it will look like.

9. The turning will begin and the mortal will start to adsorb the infected blood from the altar. you must wait until the turning is successful. The altar will then proceed and take three Zeal from the mentor. You will be notified both in local chat and a pop up on your Main HUD. Once you have confirmation that the turning was successful you and your new descendant can get off the altar.
Note: If you tried to turn a mortal into a Thrall and you DO NOT have enough empty thralls slots the process will fail and the blood you used will be lost. However, you will not lose any Zeal. Make sure before trying to turn a thrall you check how many empty thrall slots you have remaining.