We have updated the Main HUDs to v1.1.6b and Core Objects v1.0.4b. Your old HUDs and Core Objects will be disabled. You will automatically receive the new versions or you can get them from the Afterlife SIM.

Major performance increase on attacks, more responsive HUD, effect of lag optimized, responsiveness of the shield improved, minor back-end changes, adjustments and new features.

● New Features:
► New Weapon Attack
– When you click the weapon icon to attack instead of having to select a directional arrow, you will now simply have to click once and the attack will initiate.

► New Shield Attack Graphics
– With the directional arrows removed from the weapon there is no need for the shield to show you an attack direction. From now on when you are about to get attacked a red splatter type graphic will appear across your shield.

For any issues contact one of the Elders or go to the Discord Channel.
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