There is a new HUD update to v 1.2.0b. Your old HUDs will be disabled. You will automatically be sent the new version simply accept it or you may go to the Afterlife SIM to get the new version. We changed the weapons and the shield mechanics, along with some minor back-end changes. Read the attached NC for more info.
The Sators
Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe

● New Features:
► Weapon Attacks
– The weapon cool-down now occurs after the attack.
– Simply click the weapon to attack then you will have to wait for the cool-down before you can attack again (the reverse of what it was before)
– The click and hold function of the weapons has been removed.
– Weapon cool-downs reduced to 3 seconds instead of 4 seconds.

► Shield
– You can now press and hold the Shield for up to 20 seconds to shield incoming damage.
– Shield Bash added which will do 75% – 100% (currently 100% and might be adjusted later) of the damage shielded as an attack to your target.
– Shield Bash will not occur if you do not have a target nor if your target is out of range.
– If you successfully Shield Bash your weapon will go into the 3 second cool-down.
– If you shield 3 or more attacks in one shield hold you will do a Shield Bash to whomever you are targeting so long as they are still within range.
– For example: I press and hold the shield and get attacked 3 or more times and shield those attacks once I release the shield the damage shielded will be dealt to my target if they are in the attack range.